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Madshus Peaux de Remplacement Intelligrip Overview


Customer reviews

Spare skins Madshus Intelligrip

Madshus Peaux de Remplacement Intelligrip Overview
Madshus Peaux de Remplacement Intelligrip Side
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Madshus Peaux de Remplacement Intelligrip Overview
Madshus Peaux de Remplacement Intelligrip Side
Brand Madshus

Spare skins Madshus Intelligrip

Customer reviews

Madshus Intelligrip replacement skins for classic sk is allow you to replace your worn skins. Easy to install, they give your skis back their original grip.

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These skins are intended to replace the worn skins of your Madshus skis. To change them, please refer to the size chart below. Made of 70% Mohair wool

wool and 30% synthetic, they ensure an ideal grip/slide ratio. In addition, the 30% of nylon not only provides a more powerful grip, but also makes the skins more resistant to rubbing over the long term.

To change your skins :

- Place a rag on the skin area of your skis.

- Use a waxing iron on the rag to heat the skin and soften the glue.

- Remove the worn skin.

- Place the new skin in its place, paying attention to the direction, the hairs must be oriented towards the back of the ski.

Correspondence to models and sizes :

Compatible with Nanosonic, Terrasonic and Birkebeiner models.

- 36 cm ski sizes 175 and 180 cm for the three models and up to 190 for the Nanosonic

- 39 cm ski sizes 185 and 190 cm for Birkebeiner and Terrasonic, 195 and 200 for Nanosonic

- 42 cm ski sizes 195 and 200 cm for Birkebeiner and Terrasonic, 205 and 210 for Nanosonic.

- 45 cm ski sizes 205 and 210 cm for Birkebeiner and Terrasonic.


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