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Want to keep your head warm without compromising your style?

Then you need one of our beanies. Check out our selection, there has to be one that matches your style. Short or long fit, with or without pom, on Glisshop we have warm and comfortable beanies for every heads. There are sober plain ones and others with explosive colours from your most favorite brands. With over 100 models available in store in our accessory corner shop, your ears will never feel cold again.

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Buyer’s guide for a beanie to keep your head warm

We have our beanies supplied by the most popular manufacturers and the most renowned apparel brands. From the 25 brands available in store, you will find DC, Rossignol, Roxy, Scott and more. Just have a look and pick the one that matches your jacket!

Looking for a beanie to cover your head during winter?

There is nothing easier, beanies come in one size so you can’t go wrong. The main difference between a model and another is its profile or its fit. You get the loose beanies suited for people with long hair for those who like the relax look. And you get the adjusted profiles which will just come down your ears. Of course, there are tons of style, the fisherman style, the pom, etc. Pick yours and wear it!

What is a good beanie made out of?

This is a good question because if you look at the prices you may not understand why the difference between two models is so big. In general, the cheapest beanies are made of synthetic fibre. From acrylic to polyester or a mix of the two, synthetic beanies are warm and lightweight. The downside is their ability to deal with moisture and odour. If you sweat a lot, you may need to wash them often. You can also pick one with a fleece liner inside for optimal heat retention. It’s also softer on the skin and more comfortable to wear. But if you’re looking for the best performance you should go for wool, the softest being the merinos wool. Not only it is soft and doesn’t itch, but it also deals remarkably well with moisture. This particular type of wool can store water up to 30% of its own weight and stay warm, even when wet. It is also naturally anti bacterial which means it’s odorless even after several days of use. The wool beanie is a great choice for tourers who happen to stay several days in a row outside in a refuge without changing clothes.

What is the best shapka for fighting the arctic cold?

When temperature gets real low, standard beanies may not be warm enough and wearing a shapka can be an option. Shapkas are fur hats coming from Russia and Scandinavia. They have the particularity of offering removable earpads and covering the neck. Basically, you won’t find anything warmer than this. So, if you’re planning a trip to Norway for watching the northern lights, or if you are particularily sensitive to cold, shapkas are your solution.

Stay warm this winter with one of our beanies!