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Picture Dress Molly Long Dress B White General ViewPicture Dress Molly Long Dress B White Rear
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Picture Dress Pearl Black OverviewPicture Dress Pearl Black Back
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Which dress material to choose for a great feeling of comfort?

As many dresses for as many fabrics as possible, each with its own advantages. For a light dress, one prefers mainly a flowing fabric such as cotton, silk, polyester or viscose. If you would rather turn to a responsible dressing, a brand like Picture Organic Clothing offers dress models made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Their cottons are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which guarantees socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. As for their polyester, it comes from plastic bottles, all the more reason to recycle them properly. In any case, a cotton dress remains the most common choice thanks to its absorbency, natural softness and wrinkle-free properties. A pleasant alternative is linen, a material that has dressed human beings for thousands of years, known for its lightness, breathability and non-retention of odours.

What are the advantages of wearing a dress?

To fight against the increasingly frequent heat waves, there is nothing better than wearing a light and airy dress to feel good. It is perfectly fluid, doesn't stick to your skin and creates even a very pleasant draught. Another advantage is that it is a very economical piece that combines a top and a bottom while being very easy to put on. Wearing a dress is not synonymous with summer, there are dresses for all four seasons with more or less warm materials and more or less long sleeves. In fact, Picture, the board sports specialist, offers very warm and comfortable winter models for your après-ski outings. A garment that is not limited to chic evenings, so ladies, no more reason not to wear a dress this year for every occasion. Of all styles, of all shapes, you're bound to find a dress that suits you!