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Dynafit ski jacket

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Dynafit Fleece Radical Polartec Petrol OverviewDynafit Fleece Radical Polartec Petrol Back
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The Radical Polartec Petrol is a highly technical fleece developed by Dynafit, offering exceptional freedom of movement and good thermal regulation!

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Dynafit Ski Jacket Mercury Pro Petrol OverviewDynafit Ski Jacket Mercury Pro Petrol Detail
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A garment that uses the 3-layer system

With the Dynafit ski jacket, you'll be optimally protected when you're on the slopes. It is a high-quality ski jacket which is manufactured using the 3-layer system. Thanks to the anti-perspirant layer, you won't feel your clothing sticking to your skin after perspiration. Thanks to this first layer, you will have good ventilation and you will stay dry and warm.

The thermal layer also provides the Dynafit ski jacket with good insulation, which guarantees optimum retention of body heat. So you can still enjoy your skiing in the cold.

In addition, the Dynafit ski jacket also has a third protective layer which ensures that you can cope with any weather conditions during your ski runs. Snow, rain, wind, among other things, can affect your performance if you are not well protected. Fortunately, thanks to the waterproof and windproof protection this garment has, you will be able to cope properly with these weather hazards.

Sober, technical and functional jacket

Dynafit is a brand that produces high-quality sportswear. For example, ski jackets combine sobriety, technicality and functionality. This means that they have everything you need to play their part perfectly, whether you're ski mountaineering or trail running.

The special feature of the Dynafit ski jacket is that it is waterproof, so that you can stay dry during your sessions. It is also highly breathable, which guarantees optimum ventilation. It is also extremely space-saving, which makes it extremely practical.

The Dynafit ski jacket can therefore be easily compacted to take up very little space at the bottom of the bag. This makes it the ideal ski clothing for the most active and demanding skiers.

Various Dynafit jacket models are available for you to choose from

For successful skiing, there are various models of Dynafit ski jackets to suit your needs. One example is the Dynafit Graphic jacket, which allows you to enjoy your activity in the mountains to the full. This garment is a perfect barrier to bad smells and provides you with the best possible comfort.

The Dynafit Radical ski jacket is another example of this. It has a water-repellent treatment, which makes it a must-have garment for the next winter. The stretch inserts ensure that the garment follows every movement you make and gives you the best possible protection.