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Nordic ski set Race Pro Skate + bindings


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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Triaxial Carbon Construction
P200 Nano Black base
PR 100X core
Weight of the pair in grams

2000g en taille 187

Reference nr H20MADSSKI002

For the brand's regulars, you'll have to get used to it, apart from the Redline range, all the names of Madshus skis have changed. The Race Pro Skate is the new name of the old Redline Carbon Skate now replaced by the Redline 2.0, the Race Pro Skate is still a high performance ski.

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Race Pro Skate cross-country ski?

The technologies on this ski are strictly identical to those of the Redline Carbon Skate that preceded it. An ultra-light PR 100X core wrapped by a triaxial carbon sock, exactly like on the Redline 2.0. This structure aims to reduce the weight of the ski while maintaining dynamic characteristics very present at the end of lateral thrust. The ski flattens out with great ease, and it is only during the thrust phase that you feel a sharp recovery underfoot. Very accessible for a top of the range ski, it owes this to a very well studied geometry which offers a larger ski/snow contact surface with a very flat tip, therefore more stability and a glide optimized by an increased friction effect. This Speed Tip Cold blade ensures remarkable skating aggressiveness on compact snow and provides powerful support grips. The P200 nano Universal sole is now the second sole of the range, but until recently it equipped all the racing skis of the brand. Versatile and coupled with a camber easy to handle it provides excellent sliding sensations. It is equipped with the NIS 7 plate, which can be fitted with Rotteffela bindings, compatible with Turnamic, Prolink and NNN boot standards. A ski of formidable stability and very easy to operate, a perfect compromise for technical progress with a top-of-the-range ski.

Who is the Madshus Race Pro Skate cross-country ski for?

We would be tempted to tell everyone, but the ski must be adapted to your needs and budget. Its advantage is that it offers the high-end Madshus technologies with a more attractive price placement than the Redline 2.0. It is therefore suitable for sporty, regular skiers who wish to invest in a versatile pair of skating skis in terms of snow conditions. It shines by its stability and its very well dosed dynamism which does not put the skier in difficulty on difficult portions.

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Race Pro Skate cross-country ski?

Value for money

Size Chart : Madshus Race Pro Skate
Ski Length Skier's weight
177 cm 50 - 65 Kg
182 cm 60 - 75 Kg
187 cm 70 - 85 Kg
192 cm 85 - 100 Kg
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