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Nordic ski set Race Speed Skate + bindings


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Level Sporty
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Triaxial Carbon Construction
P200 Nano Plus base
Weight of the pair in grams

1050g en taille 187


Halfway between the former Hypersonic and Nanosonic ranges, the Race Speed Skate is the new ski in the Sport Performance range of the Norwegian brand. A very progressive model to evolve technically over the long term.

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Race Speed Skate cross-country ski?

Directly from the development of the race ranges, the Race Speed Skate offers characteristics similar to the Race Pro model. The only important difference is the core, which is a little lighter and less reactive at the end of the thrust. The PR 90 core is still based on the same construction philosophy with a full carbon coating over the entire camber area. The result is a very affordable ski technically, with just enough dynamism at the end of the thrust to make it a sporty ski. The geometry of the ski, based on the former Redline Carbon Skate, ensures incredible stability on the phases of glide, and provides very good sensations. The flat tip Speed Tip Cold provides a very satisfying grip on compact snow while maintaining tolerance for softer snow. This ski geometry has, as previously mentioned, the advantage of offering more stability but also more glide with an increased ski/snow contact surface. The P200 Nano Universal sole is very versatile and allows to evolve with a good glide on different types of snow. The first thing to remember about this ski is how easy it is to handle on the technical portions, its stability and its performance and forgiveness. The sensations are ultimately more important than anything else, and with the Race Speed Skate, you can't be disappointed, it's a very well placed compromise between performance, accessibility and price. It is equipped with the NIS 7 plate, which is fitted exclusively with Rottefella bindings compatible with Prolink, Turnamic and NNN shoe standards.

Who is the Madshus Race Speed Skate for?

With its character and the tolerance that it provides on the support grips and during the sliding phase, it is particularly suitable for sports skiers looking for a high-performance model that allows them to evolve technically. This is the type of ski that could be recommended to a person who wishes to ski regularly, as a complement to an activity with the assurance of finding a progressive character.

What are the main qualities of Madshus Race Speed Skate cross-country skiing?


Size Chart : Madshus Race Speed Skate
Ski Length Skier's weight
177 cm 50 - 65 Kg
182 cm 60 - 75 Kg
187 cm 70 - 85 Kg
192 cm 85 - 100 Kg
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