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Tuning tool Vola Razor Edge Machine à Affuter

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Reference nr VOLA0001597

The Razor Edge is a lightweight power grinding tool, compact, easy to handle, and designed exclusively for dressing the side edges ok skis and snowboards. Before using the edger, it is essential to remove the phenolic coating from edges so as to allow adjustment of the dressing angle and avoid caking the wheel (Ergorazor). Before switching on the power test the edger for stability and handling directly on the ski or snowboard, simulating the movement along the edge. 

Operating the edger

Always clamp the ski or snowboard securely in the appropriate vice jaws or supports before working with the edger. 

Set the selected dressing angle for the edge of the ski or snowboard ( between 90° and 85°) using relative adjustment knob. 

Offer the tool to the edge of the ski/snowboard and, holding the fence and adjuster mechanism firmly against the flat surface, make a smooth pass along the edge in the grinding direction without stopping. 

Repeat the pass as many times as necessary to give the desired result. 


Best results are obtained with the grinding wheel turning steadily at the correct speed. Since the edger remains stably balanced during operation, gentle hand pressure applied to the top casing will be sufficient to induce the necessary movement of the tool along the grinding direction. 

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