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Salomon Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue Overview


Customer reviews

Helmet Salomon S Race Fis Injected Blue

Salomon Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue Overview
Salomon Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue Side

Salomon Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue Overview
Salomon Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue Side
Brand Salomon

Helmet Salomon S Race Fis Injected Blue

Customer reviews

The S Race FIS Injected Blue is a Salomon racing ski helmet that meets the standards of the international ski federation, for use in competition.

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The S Race FIS Injected is a ski helmet from the Salomon collection developed specially for alpine competitions. With its top-notch protection, increased safety, it will give riders the confidence they need to blow the stopwatch! This model complies with the safety standards of the International Ski Federation which means you can use it in competition. The ABS shell works together with a EPS 4D foam designed to ensure an optimal energy absorption during impact and a better protection against vertical and oblique shocks. Besides, the rather compact design and aerodynamic shape ensures you get optimal performances on the way down. The helmet is compatible with a chin strap (non included) if you want do a little bit of slalom too. Lastly, the inner liner and earpads feel very comfortable, even after a long day on the slopes.

Technical data Helmet S Race Fis Injected Blue

  • Year

    Winter 2022
  • Technologies

    Chinstrap dessing
    One-piece shell + EPS lining
    Helmet bag
    Chinguard Compatible
    Round shape
    Removable ear pads
    EPS 4D
    Injected ABS + EPS liner
  • Option

    FIS standard
  • Reference nr

  • Gender

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