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Women's nordic ski jackets

Ladies, are you looking for a nordic ski jacket?

Fantastic, we have exactly what you need. In our women's nordic ski jacket section on Simon Fourcade Nørdic, we have lots of products specifically designed for cross-country women skiers. Whether you look for a warm jacket or a breathable jacket, you will find it here.

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Buyer's guide for the right women's nordic ski jacket

Skiing with a good jacket can change everything. Nordic ski apparel take care of your style but they are also made with materials and technologies that are very effective at keeping you insulated from the elements while optimising moisture wicking. But how to pick the right jacket? This buyer's guide will help you make your selection.

A warm jacket or a breathable one?

When you are practicing nordic ski, you need to feel warm, but not too warm. Hyperthermia is something you want to avoid. For this reason, when you go out skiing, you want to wear several layers rather than just one that's too thick. The jacket is the last layer, the outter one. But how to pick it?

Well, it mostly depends on how long and how intense your sessions are. When the weather is cold, it is advisable to wear a thick jacket. It retains perfectly the warmth created by your body through the effort. Made of softshell, these ski jackets are very comfortable and the stretchable materials allow optimal mobility.

When your sessions are intense or when the temperatures are not too cold, the ultra-breathable jackets are what you want to wear. They ensure better moisture wicking properties and they help your body regulate its temperature better.

Always bear in mind that hyperthermia is as bad as hypothermia. We thoroughly recommend to adapt your equipment according to the weather and the session you are planning to do.

How to wear a women's jacket for cross-country skiing?

When you are nordic skiing, mobility is extremely important. A jacket that is too loose will prevent you from doing wide gestures and its insulation properties won't be as good. With their slim profile, cross-country ski clothes are almost like a second skin, they come very close to your body. This helps thermoregulation and moisture wicking. You can wear a jacket on its own or combine it with a sleeveless jacket when conditions are really cold. Now that you have read all these tips, you should know exactly which women's nordic ski jacket you are going to pick!