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Classic kids skis

Looking for a pair of classic cross-country skis with bindings for your kids?

If you think it is about time for your kid to work on his nordis skiing skills, if you have decided it was time for you to buy him his equipment, then check out our kids’ nordic ski packages on Simon Fourcade Nørdic. They are designed to help them progress and to make life easier as the skis come with the bindings already mounted.

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Buying guide for a Child's Classic Nordic Ski Pack

It's clear that it's not easy to choose a ski for a junior . It's difficult to choose a ski according to their expectations because they themselves do not know what they want. These buying tips will certainly help you. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

Skis specially designed for children.

The choice for junior skis is not as large as it is for adults. But the skis recommended here are the best adapted to the sport for children . More rigid, they are resistant to twisting and possible shocks. The dimensions of the skis are wider to improve lateral stability and make the gliding phases easier. The scaled hook design system is elongated to provide the necessary grip for the practice of classic Nordic skiing even if the movements of the young skier are not true and precise. On these models the glide is less refined but sufficient to perform the classic technique in complete safety. Available from sizes 100 cm to 168 cm, they will equip the champions of tomorrow.

How to define the size of the ski

Like adults, the size of the junior skis is determined by the weight of the young skier. Why the weight and not the size? Because today's skis are in fact designed with a camber so that the hook system is not in contact with the snow during the gliding phases. The longer a ski is, the more it is cambered and therefore harder to flatten.

Bindings and compatibility standards

In keeping with our children's classic boot range, we decided to make our offer as simple as possible. You will find a single standard binding on the three boot designs available in Nordic skiing. We offer exclusively, the standard NNN, which is compatible with NNN and standard Prolink boots.

The Classic Nordic Ski Pack has been put together by our technicians.

To ensure that the bindings are correctly mounted and also to make your life easier, our technicians take care of mounting them on the skis. Your future champion will be able to go and try them straight away!