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How to choose your skating skis?

Like in classic style, there are three categories of skating skis: Leisure, Sport and Race/Expert. Those categories help you to define the specifications of your use in the future. In order to accompany you in your choice, it is useful to answer few questions to dig a bit more and be sure to make the right choice.

What is my technical level? Beginner? Advanced? Expert?

What is my physical condition? 1h of sport a week? 5h of sport a week? 10h of sport a week?

What are my goals? Stroll? Sessions with friends? Fitness? Training? Complementary activity? (bike,running) Long distance race?

How can I have fun? Taking fresh air? Training hard? Long sessions with friends?

Who do I ski with? Beginners? Sporty beginners? Athletes training during winter? Children?

Why do I buy new skis? Because I need it? I like the skis and I frequently change my gear? I want to extend my use and I need a new pair for a different style or conditions? Do I need to change my skis if I want to improve?


In skating, the leisure ski is clearly the ski to start skating. Soft, easy, those skis are made to accompany you from your first steps but are not design for a regular or intensive use. It will take you to your first tracks with ease, but the camber is really soft and it doesn’t help to skate on icy compact snow. A leisure ski is clearly a short term purchase if you want to ski regularly.


The most common category in our mountains. They are excellent tools to improve technically. Stiffer and endowed with better glide abilities than the leisure skis, it is a real long term investment. The performances are not as good as the Race skis of course, but the general conduct is really wholesome for skiers looking to get the most out of their gears and go up to the next level.

Race / Expert

Here is the top of the top in the ski world, the Race/Expert skis have been designed after long years of researches and developments and provide astounding gliding performances. Every manufacturers have their own specifications according to the morphology of the skier, the technique, the power and the likeness. This category is evolving all the time and the development of the technologies are really important in terms of geometry, the quality of the base and the materials used. Those skis are designed for really good skiers and long distances lovers. They are also made for average skiers seeking improvement and performances. It is all about technique, the more you will work on your technique, the more efficient you will be and the more energy you will save. Sometimes to go up to the next level you have to take risks.

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