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Racers, with Cera on your base you are stepping up a level!

You will find high-fluorine Cera waxes on this page. Designed for competitions, they offer exceptional gliding performance. The most demanding skiers may also be interested by boosters. These products, combined to Cera, optimise gliding on the first few kilometers.

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Buying tips for your Cera wax

Designed for competition, Cera wax is ultra fluorinated. This hydrophobic agent will quickly dispose of the pellicule of water under the sole in order to enhance the friction effect. You will get better gliding phases and save a maximum of strength, that's what you are looking for during races. To face the various snow conditions our brands have developed powders designed for very-specific operating temperature ranges.

When should I using Cera for waxing ?

Cera waxing is reserved for competition. Firstly because it is quite expensive and secondly because the fluorine is harmful for the longevity of your sole when used frequently. Very effective when the snow is wet, Cera will give you an outstanding acceleration. This gain will of course be beneficial during competitions, by gliding faster and longer, you will save the strength you might need to make the difference on the final straight.

How do I wax my cross-country skis with Cera?

The Cera application must be done over a layer of HF layer, preferably scraped and brushed. We call it the base. It will allow a better fixation of the Cera powder and reduce the wax erosion along the way. This type of waxing requires a few precautions however, you should get a protective mask to avoid inhaling fluorine and gloves to protect your hands. Cera is a powder wax and its application differs from paraffin based wax. You will find all the details about the different steps in our tutorials written by the Simon Fourcade Nørdic with the help of a professional technician. Cera being a special wax, you also need specific brushes such as horse hair or boar hair brushes.

The boosters

You can also gain an advantage on the first few kilometers of the race. Called boosters, these liquid wax have a life span of 7 to 8 kilometers and they are very useful to optimize your starts during popular races in order to get out of the crowd. They are applied cold by rubbing the liquid with a liege feutre to make it penetrate the sole. These boosters are the last wax layer and are used just before starting the race.

The Simon Fourcade Nørdic tip:

Fluorine being detrimental for the longevity of your sole, it's very important to clean it after each fluorinated waxing. Fluorclean is specially intended for this purpose, use a soaked soft cloth or fiberlene to rub your sole with it to protect your gear.