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Nordic binding Control Step-In


View detailed description Nordic binding, Rossignol 2019

The Control Step-In is a Rossignol nordic binding very easy to use with an automatic entry system. The wide plates deliver more power through the push and added stability.

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Nordic binding Rossignol Control Step-In

This one is new, just like every Rossignol bindings for 2018. The Control Step-In is an automatic binding, no need to touch it to get in. Just press the boot on the bindingand you’re done. Easy peasy. Another particularity of this new binding is the release system. Named Turn Lock, you just have to push the switch on the side to release the boot. It doesn’t get easier than this. The plates of the binding are wider to provide the skier with more surface to push on. You get more propulsion power and more stability. Also, the entire system is toolfree. You can adjust and tune with your bare hands. Compatibility-wise, the new Turnamic norm works with other current standards such as the NNN or the Prolink. The only norm that won’t work with it is the SNS.  

Weight: 242g.
Flex: 7.0.
Release mechanism: Plastic.
Compatibility: Turnamic, NNN, Prolink.
Entry system: Automatic.
Release: Manual 

Product Name
Rossignol Control Step-In
Product price
£34.70  instead of  £43.40
Specs Nordic binding Rossignol Control Step-In
Year 2019




• Turnamic
Nordic Category
• Classic

Manufacturer info :


  • Turnamic


  • Compatible Turnamic, NNN, Prolink
  • Flex 7.0
  • 242g per pair
  • Plastic lever
  • Tool Free
  • 2 Turnamic guide rails
  • Low Profile
  • Turn Lock
  • Heel Pre-Adust
  • Turnamic
  • Automatic entry  :

    No need to manipulate the binding to step in. Just place the boot axis on the arms and press. 

  • Manual release  :

    Turnamic bindings make release easier. Push the lever sideways to pen. 

Nordic Category

  • Classic

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)