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Nordic Ski X-IUM Skating S2


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Rossignol 2017

A big name in skate-skiing today, the X-IUM is the starting point for the whole Rossignol racing range, an effective, stable ski, enjoying an exceptional base finish.

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Nordic Ski Rossignol X-IUM Skating S2

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Relatively old in the face of the WCSs and the latest Premiums, the X-IUM is the original ski, the one that these two others were conceived from, and although less high-performing than the other two series, there is also something to be said for it. 

What are the features of the Rossignol X-IUM Skating cross-country ski: 

Armed with very tangible energy in terms of camber, today it acts as a stepping stone into the top-of-the-range Rossignol world. Just like the superior ranges, its main selling points reside in its skate-skiing efficiency on compact snows and its stability. Less in its element in older snows, it is however thoroughly exceptional on all compact terrains, where it shows all its potential without having to force it. It’s a very good ski for long sporty skate-skiing outings. 

Who is this Rossignol X-IUM Skating cross-country ski aimed at? 

Sporty skiers, looking for excitement and aiming to progress technically and to move on to another level. Aggressive on compact snows and stable with skate-skiing, it is however not much easier to ski with than the superior ranges - the choice is just as much about finding a good compromise between quality and price. However, if you want to progress and to sign up to some long-distance races, the WCS and Premium ranges might be avenues to explore for you. 

What are the main qualities of the Rossignol X-IUM Skate cross-country ski? 


Skate-skiing grip 


Product Name
Rossignol X-IUM Skating S2
Product price
£226.70  instead of  £302.32
Specs Nordic Ski Rossignol X-IUM Skating S2
Year 2017
Sizes 180




• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Skating
Structure - Construction
Ski sidecuts
SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)
Weight of the pair in grams
1120g en taille 186

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Skating

Structure - Construction

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1120g en taille 186


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
40 - 47165 - 170
47 - 57170 - 175
57 - 65175 - 180
65 - 75185 - 190
75 +190 +
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