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Nordic Ski Snowscape 9 Skin


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Salomon 2019

The cross-country ski Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin is a comfort model. Short and manoeuvrable, its skin system offers a powerful grip in all conditions.

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Nordic Ski Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin

Ski sold without binding.

After years of good and loyal services, the Snowscape range adopted the skin system to enhance the comfort even more. A great novelty because it is the first compact classic ski with a skin system. 

What are the specifications of the Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin cross-country ski? 

The wide sidecut ensures a maximum stability in the descents. The compact size of the skis offers an incredible handiness for classic skis that made the success of this serie until now. The difference now is the skin system that improves the comfort in the uphill sections compare to the scale model, and you won’t hear the noise of the scales in descent. Stable, easy, gripper, the Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin also delivers an amazing glide, really surprising for a ski that short. 

Who is the Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin cross-country ski designed for? 

Neophytes and cruise lovers who want to chill and enjoy the beautiful snowy landscapes, this ski is made for you. As easy as comfortable, you can evolve at your own pace, the skin system will provide a powerful grip on all reliefs no matter the snow conditions. The Snowscape 9 Skin is perfect to cruise around all day long and have fun without any constraint. 

What are the main assets of the Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin cross-country ski? 

- Easy 

- Grip 

- Stable 

- Nimble 


Product Name
Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin
Product price
£121.70  instead of  £173.90
Specs Nordic Ski Salomon Snowscape 9 Skin
Year 2019
Sizes L




• Leisure
Nordic Category
• Classic
Structure - Construction
• Zeolit G4 base

• Protection coating

• D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control
Weight of the pair in grams
1250 en taille L.

Manufacturer info :


  • Leisure

Nordic Category

  • Classic

Structure - Construction

  • D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control  :

    Digital control of the molding press enables generating the optimal flex and camber for specific performance on snow. D2FC ensures also perfect ski pairing. 

  • Protection coating  :

    Base protection with Word Cup finish. Pre waxed + pre-brushed, anti scratch, anti oxydation + UV protection. Easy to use (no scraping). All you need to do is remove the protecting film and brush the ski again. 

  • Zeolit G4 base  :

    Race base reinforced with Zeolit to improve wax absorbtion. 

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1250 en taille L.


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
40 - 47187
47 - 57192 - 197
57 - 65197 - 202
65 - 75202
75 +205 - 208
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)