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Ortovox Alu 240 PFA Argent


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Probe Ortovox Alu 240 PFA Argent

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Ortovox Alu 240 PFA Argent
Brand Ortovox

Probe Ortovox Alu 240 PFA Argent

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In emergency situations, speed is of the essence. This is why we have made our 240 cm aluminium probe even more efficient. 

Thanks to the optimised PFA system, the ALU 240 PFA is now MORE COMPACT and more manoeuvrable. The quick-start strap allows for an immediate release and tensioning with a simple gesture. To determine the depth of burial and to adapt optimally to the excavation strategy, all our probes benefit from GRADUATIONS OF DEPTH easily readable and 1 METRE MARKING. The lower segment in fluorescent orange gives a visual indication of the proximity of the victim when digging. The ALU 240 PFA's new and improved RUBBERED HANDLE ensures a secure grip and does not freeze under any conditions. 


This is what it is all about. Right down to the last detail. We develop probes for the specific needs of different types of users. The requirement for SPEED and PRECISION is fundamental because that is what can save lives. We focus on working on details that make the rescue even more intuitive and can, in combination with the DVA and the shovel, help us to rescue the victim even faster. 


Version 2.0 of our often copied Quick Tension System is SMOOTHER and SMALLER, for the same quick assembly performance. Thanks to the NEW TENSIONING STRAP, the probe is tensioned as soon as it comes out of the case. It is released by simply pressing the thumb on the system cover. The thin, lightweight rubber coating on the ergonomic handle ensures a good grip and prevents the probe from freezing. 


The intuitive visual guidance system gives a quick and clear indication of the burial depth at all times. The significant marking at 1 m, the CONTRASTED DEPTH scale and the LAST COLOURED SECTION allow you to OPTIMIZE THE STRATEGY FOR DRILLING and thus save valuable time. The fluorescent orange lower segment provides a clear indication when you approach the victim. 


The quick-release strap allows immediate opening and TENSIONING IN A SINGLE TOUCH without having to take the probe out of its case beforehand. 


A clearly larger diameter than that of the other elements of the probe guarantees better penetration. 


PFA quick tensioning system 

Steel cord pulling system 

Depth markers 

Quick-Release case 

Visual control system 

Rubberized handle 

Large probe tip 

Material: 7075 Aluminium 


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"Some look for functionality, others for style or performance. Whatever it is, we'll find it together and make sure we add the safety dimension to it! Call me on 020 3129 3301."

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