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Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash


Customer reviews

Roller ski helmet Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash

Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash
Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash

Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash
Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash
Brand Catlike

Roller ski helmet Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash

Customer reviews

The Catlike Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash helmet is used by many athletes. Comfortable and perfectly ventilated, it combines protection and thermal comfort to perfection.

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Ideal for wheel-skiing, the Catlike Cloud 352 helmet features an innovative design for maximum ventilation all around the head. Featuring 352 ventilation holes it allows you to feel comfortable even during intense sessions when body heat can quickly become stifling. The Dual Aero System technology even makes it easy to change the helmet's upper shell if you want more aerodynamics or less ventilation in cooler weather, which in wheel skiing will undoubtedly be the most important argument. In terms of protection, the dual-density design of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) offers greater material flexibility for optimum shock absorption. We also chose this helmet because its shape means that biathletes are not bothered by the barrel of the rifle hitting the helmet with every thrust. Tested and approved by Simon Fourcade, who uses it for both training and competition, we feel it's the best choice for a versatile helmet, whatever the conditions or the sport. With its 4 adjustment systems, it offers the possibility of adapting to all head shapes without constraint and provides excellent comfort.


Dual Aero System possibility of replacing the upper part with a solid shell.

Bi-density EPS-PPE construction

352 Ventilation holes in non-Aero version

Antibacterial pads

Nylon straps

Reflective details

Multiple adjustments


S (54-56) 310G

M (57-59) 340G

L (60-62) 370G

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Technical data Roller ski helmet Cloud 352 White/Black/Yellow Flash

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    Summer 2018
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