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Nordic Ski Salomon S/LAB Carbon Skate Yellow

The skating cross-country ski Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow comes back with a new construction and greater performance on hardpack.

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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Thin Ply Carbon
D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control
Protection coating
100% carbon construction
Nomex core
Zeolit G5 universal base
Optimal mount

If it keeps the same graphics this season, the S/Lab has been revamped in terms of geometry and camber. Tested for the first time at the Lahti Nordic Ski World Championships, it helped the Canadian skier Harvey to win the 50km title. More efficient on compact snow, it goes on to an even more satisfying level of performance in terms of dynamism and rebound.

What are the characteristics of the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow cross-country ski?

This ski still features an ultra-light and stiff honeycomb Nomex Core reinforced with a carbon weave. The camber position is different, farther back than the previous version, for an equal distribution of the pressure at the tip and tail, providing much more dynamism and rebound on hard snow. The geometry of this ski is also different with a thicker triangle structure underfoot for more liveliness and thrust. Combined with the carbon structure, it enhances stability on compact snow. Until then this ski had an incredible performance on soft snow but lacked a little liveliness on hard snow, with this new construction, the problem is solved and the ski gains in performance. Salomon is known for designing amazingly efficient bases, and this version is no exception thanks to its high-performance universal/compact snow conditions base. Already appreciated by many riders, this new S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow is even better and offers a performance never achieved before by the French brand.

Who is the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow cross-country ski for?

Its technical specifications and glide performance make the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow most suited for the experienced skiers and racers. Long-distance skiers will be delighted to find such a high-performance and forgiving model that allows them to cover long runs without being too physically demanding.

What are the main benefits of the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow cross-country ski?

- Liveliness

- Glide

- Stability

Size chart:

- 182cm : 55 to 70Kg

- 187cm : 60 to 80Kg

- 192cm : 70 to 90Kg

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