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Nordic Ski Salomon S/lab Carbon Skate


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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Protection coating
Zeolit G5 universal base
Construction 34 Universel
Thin Ply Carbon
Nomex core
Reference nr H20SALOSKI039

The Salomon's race workshop bomb is back! The S/Lab Carbon Skate has been working miracles for the past few seasons in the World Cup and is enjoying increasing recognition with world class athletes in its ranks.

What are the characteristics of Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate?

The major change on this model is the discontinuation of the name Yellow, which could lead to confusion regarding snow conditions. The French brand's flagship multi-purpose model is one of the most beautiful fighter planes on the market. A performance monster, it combines Salomon Nordic's finest technologies and offers a healthy and stable behaviour on snow. The Nomex honeycomb core is totally embedded in the carbon braid called Thin Ply Carbon, this technology obviously makes the ski lighter, but more importantly it acts directly on its behavior. At the feet, we can only praise the clever mix between dynamism and tolerance it shows, and the latest camber and geometry adjustments are no stranger to it. The triangular construction with a thicker underfoot accentuates the dynamic performance at the end of the drive. The camber is set back compared to older versions, giving it much better balance on compact snow and incredible stability! The G5 sole promotes versatility according to snow conditions and surprise the chef, we were able to select ourselves the universal structure and weight ranges so that the ski is perfectly adapted to the skier's size! So consult the size selection help because the weights indicated will be exactly the right ones according to our selection. For a ski of such a performance we wanted to give it an even more exceptional character, and this will be the case. Glide, dynamism and stability, this last S/Lab is for us one of the best skating models in the world with the bonus of a little customization done directly in the Salomon race workshops!

Who is the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate intended for?

A ski of this level of performance is dedicated to experienced and regular skiers who wish to invest in an exceptional product. Efficient and forgiving at the same time, it is a model dedicated to performance. Perfect for long-distance racers or enthusiasts who want to have fun with a ski out of the ordinary.

What are the main qualities of the Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate?

Customization of structure and camber by weight
Help with size selection :

170cm : Announced weight 50KG is suitable for weights between 47 and 53 KG.
182cm : Announced weight 60KG is suitable for weights between 57 and 63KG.
187cm: Announced weight 70KG suitable for weights between 67 and 73KG
192 cm: Announced weight 80KG suitable for weights between 77 and 83KG

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