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Alpina Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate Overview


Customer reviews

Nordic Ski Boot Alpina Pro Skate

Alpina Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate Overview
Alpina Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate Detail

Alpina Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate Overview
Alpina Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate Detail
Brand Alpina

Nordic Ski Boot Alpina Pro Skate

Customer reviews
  • Winter 2024
  • Race Expert
  • Skating
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Alpina has long been one of the most avant-garde brands when it comes to cross-country ski boots, and their No. 1 status in Scandinavia attests to the quality of their boots in countries where cross-country skiing is king. This new Pro Skate is no exception, presenting some great new features with the same inspiration from the Slovenian brand, minimalism, efficiency and precision.

What are the features of the Alpina Pro Skate 3.0 cross-country ski boot?

This boot has been known for some years as an alternative to very high-end models, but today, and with its new construction, it will compete with the N°1 models of some brands for sure. In fact, the entire chassis block has been redesigned, with carbon molding starting from the sole, wrapping around the heel and rising up under the malleoli. This is a major innovation on a model that was previously "softer" in terms of rigidity. This new design brings greater precision to the heel block and therefore improved ski control. It also contributes to lateral stability, and with the new slimmer, more snug-fitting collar, the ankles are held in place more effectively than ever. Lighter and more stable, it's also more dynamic, and the work done on the sole has a significant effect on the ski's behavior, as it contributes fully to aggressiveness at the end of push-off and a more dynamic return of the ski underfoot. As for the fit, since this category of boots, and particularly Alpina's, is aimed at rather slender feet, the liner is designed to be as close as possible to the foot so as not to lose precision. As usual, Alpina favors traditional asymmetrical lacing on its shoes, believing it to be the most effective way of wedging the foot in the liner. The gaiter is fitted with the 4DRY umpermeable and breathable membrane, making it easy to cope with adverse conditions. The sole block studs are bonded directly to the carbon to save weight and avoid compromising the dynamic properties of the sole under the arch of the foot. Technically at the cutting edge with updates that improve it this new Pro Skate is going to be a hit with the most demanding skiers.

Useful info:

All Alpina brand boots are fitted with Rottefella NNN soles, they are compatible with Prolink, NNN and Turnamic binding standards.

Who is the Alpina Pro Skate 3.0 cross-country ski boot designed for?

With its new construction, dynamic properties and rigidity, we can only recommend it to skiers who want a precise, rigid and transmission-efficient model. For us, experienced skating skiers will be the most sensitive to its characteristics and the sensations it provides. This is only the second boot in the Alpina range, yet on close inspection it has nothing to envy certain World Cup models.

What are the main qualities of the Alpina Pro Skate 3.0 cross-country ski boot?

  • Lateral stiffness
  • Precision
  • Dynamic properties
  • Lightness

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Technical data Nordic Ski Boot Pro Skate

  • Year

    Winter 2024
  • Level

    Race Expert
  • Category

  • Standard

  • Construction

    Stiff Boot Flex
    Anatomic Footbed
    SK Cuff
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