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Socks X Socks Ski Adrenaline Noir Orange

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Raise your level of adrenalin!

Experience a unique feel! The Adrenalin by X-Socks® was designed for extreme use. Push your limits!




- Construction : 35% Nylon, 23% Merinos Wool, 13 % Polypropylene, 10% Elastodiene, 7% Silk, 7% Polyester, 4 % Acrylic, 1% Metallized Polyamide


- AirConditionning Channel : Conducts air away from the anatomically shaped footbed via the inside surface of the foot and thus ensures that moist,overheated air is pumped out of even tight fitting shoes with every movement.


- Self-adjusting cuff : Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting. 


- Shin protector : protects and absorbs


- Longitudinal Protectors : reduce pressure points and absorb impacts. They protect the lower leg without disrupting calf's blood flow.


- AirGuide : it works like a chemney inside the boot, helps regulate the temperature.


- Heel Protector : Guards against pressure and friction.


- Achilles Tendon Protector : the Achilles Tendon Protector reduces the incidence of pressure points and the risk of scraping and bruising.


- Toe Protector : Guards against blisters and chafing. 


- Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ : Regulates the temperature of the sole of the foot and conducts moist and overheated air into the AirConditioning Channel®.

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