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Dynafit crampons

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Dynafit Couteaux 100mm Orange Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71

Dynafit knife with a width of 100 mm. Ideal for ski touring in bad weather when the snow is icy at the top.

Dynafit Couteaux 90mm Bleu Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71

88 mm ski touring knife compatible with Dynafit bindings. Fast binding and very efficient grip on hard and icy snow.

Dynafit Couteaux 110mm Black Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71

Very light Dynafit ski touring knife, it is easily attached to the binding and offers a safe support when the snow becomes concrete. Essential accessory for ski touring.

Dynafit Couteaux 120mm Rouge Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71

Dynafit ski knife 120 mm wide. Fits on the bindings of the same brand. Very good grip on icy terrain. Essential for all ski touring enthusiasts.

Dynafit Couteaux 130mm Gold Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71

Dynafit ski touring knife for large skis. Resistant alloy to bite the icy snow and offer a secure grip in technical passages. Lightweight knife.

Dynafit Couteaux 80mm Vert Overview Christmas Deal
  • £72.71
Dynafit Couteaux (ski de rando) Speed 78mm Rouge OverviewDynafit Couteaux (ski de rando) Speed 78mm Rouge Detail
  • £63.61

Simple and quick to assemble, the Speed 78mm Red knives from Dynafit are very light and resistant models that offer an effective additional grip for climbing in areas where the snow is icy.



Dynafit ski touring crampons are especially designed for backcountry skiers seeking lightness and performance. These crampons are made of strong aluminium to guarantee good grip on hard snow in difficult sections, when climbing skins don’t provide enough traction. However, they can’t replace mountaineering crampons that are fitted directly to ski boots and are necessary when hard snow becomes ice or on rocks.

Choosing the right width: 80,90, 100, 110, 120 or 130 mm?

Dynafit offers a wide range of ski touring crampons from 80 mm to 130 mm in 10 mm increments. To choose the right crampon, add around 5 mm to your ski’s width to have enough room to prevent the crampons from rubbing against the metal edges. For example: if your skis are 90 mm at the waist, pick 100 mm crampons, and if your skis are 78 mm, you’ll need 90 mm crampons. No need to get crampons that are too wide as they’re likely to slide sideways.

How to install Dynafit crampons on your skis?

Installing crampons is child’s play when you know how to do it. That’s why we recommend training at home to avoid getting to know your gear in the middle of a steep slope in difficult conditions. Crampons are directly mounted to the Dynafit binding in a small, dedicated groove. To do so, simply slide the crampon in the groove through the side and centre it on the ski. On every step, the boot pushes the crampon in the snow. Be careful to go easy on the heel lifts as if your heel is too high, the boot won’t push enough on the crampon for it to bite in snow. Don’t wait until it’s too late to instal the crampons, when you’re already on icy snow, it can be impossible to lift your skis. Beter be safe than sorry, get the crampons out early.

Which model to choose among the many Dynafit ski touring crampons available?

Choosing crampons is often quite simple. It’s only a matter of selecting crampons from the same brand as the bindings and picking the right width for the ski’s waist width. If you’re seeking performance and ski with skis under 80 mm at the waist, you’ll even find the Speed 78 crampon. A lightweight model that offers nice grip on difficult snow while weighing only 63 g per crampon thanks to a shark tooth design. More aggressive than other Dynafit crampons, the Speed 78 is more fragile. Consequently, avoid using them on ice.

How to get the best out of your Dynafit crampons?

To enjoy optimal grip, it’s recommended to perform kick turns and avoid climbing straight the steepest gradient, choosing the flattest route possible. This way, the crampons will sink deeper in the snow.

Dynafit crampons are essential accessories for ski touring safely, especially during spring thaws and refreezes, when a crust of ice develops on the surface overnight, or on windy, crusty stretches.

Dynafit crampons weight per size and model:

Here’s a recap of the weight of various Dynafit crampons. The numbers given are for a single crampon. Double it to know the weight you’ll be carrying in your pack.

  • Speed 78 mm: 63 g
  • 80 mm: 94 g
  • 90 mm: 99 g
  • 100 mm: 102 g
  • 110 mm: 105 g
  • 120 mm: 115 g
  • 130 mm: 125 g