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Black Crows

Alpine ski Black Crows Camox Freebird

Advanced - expert
Winter 2020

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The Camox Freebird is a Black Crows freetouring ski with a power-to-weight ratio and volume that make it light on the climb and performant on the way down, whatever the type of snow.

Coming from Black Crows' touring range, the Camox Freebird has a better power-to-weight ratio than the classic version of the Camox. This means that it is even better on the climb without losing any of its performance on the way down. This is a pleasant touring ski that reveals itself on the slopes, whether it is on powder or on groomed.

What's on the agenda for the Black Crows Camox Freebird ski?

Don't lose anymore time on the pistes and go for some epic freetouring sessions with the Camox Freebird! This ski is just like you: eager to get to the top so it can express its full potential on the way down. Its 96mm offers a nice buoyancy while the double rocker helps you float when the snow gets too deep. On hardpack, the classic camber provides a well-balanced contact between ski and snow for a great manoeuvrability and stability. The rockers, for their part, make it easier to get in and out of turns. Last but not least, the flex is tonic yet comfortable so you don't get tired too quickly.

Who is the Black Crows Camox Freebird for?

The Camox Freebird will make the happiness of advanced to expert skiers who want to go touring with a light and stable ski to express their talent and have fun no matter the snow conditions!

What are the main assets of the Black Crows Camox Freebird?




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