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Snow Binding Mini Turbo Blue


View detailed description Snow Binding, K2 2019

The sooner we start, the more we have chances to be good… With the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE snowboard binding for kids, your son has everything to ride like a champion. Will he be one?

£80.00 VAT included
Saving: £24.00
Winter 2019
Beginner - Intermediate

Snow Binding K2 Mini Turbo Blue

A binding which will turn your kid into a true rider in one second… (or almost) But in any case, your child will have a field day with the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE snowboard binding, that’s for sure! He’ll be able to follow you and even overtake you… So, are you ready to be challenged by your kid? With this model, he’ll ride smooth all day long without getting sore feet. The binding delivers effortless energy transmissions and allows kids to ride all day without wearing themselves out. Then, the mono strap provides a good hold and it’s easy to use, letting kids put their bindings on and take them off by themselves!  

What can the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE snowboard binding do? 

You want to please him by offering him his first snowboard gear, but you’re worried about his skills… Don’t! Obviously, when we learn, we make mistakes, but that’s how we get better. With the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE binding, your kid feels comfortable and quickly builds up in confidence. The first bails in the morning will be a distant memory by midday… Indeed, he has on his feet a very forgiving model. Its highback is pretty soft and adapted for children, it offers them the support necessary to ride confidently. He’ll quickly learn the basics and he’ll impress you when he’ll follow and overtake you!  

Who’s the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE snowboard binding designed for?  

It’s made for kids snowboarders who will run down their first slopes or make their first runs on the snow! A secure model which provides hold and forgiveness for amazing sessions… 

What are the K2 MINI TURBO BLUE snowboard binding main assets? 




Product Name
K2 Mini Turbo Blue
Product price
£56.00  instead of  £80.00
Specs Snow Binding K2 Mini Turbo Blue
Year 2019

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Entry System
• Classic
• Beginner - Intermediate
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain

Straps - Buckles

  • 3D Ankle Straps  :

    This strap is 3D shaped this provides comfort and flexibility and allows you to get your straps on and off easily.


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  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)