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Snowboard binding Union Str Bone

Winter 2020

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With the STR Bone Union snowboard binding, you’ll be able to ride at full tilt no matter the terrain. It is both playful and comfy to enjoy yourself from dawn ‘til dusk.


Year 2020
Gender Men
Burton rule No
Entry System Classic
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Category FS All mountain
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Baseplate - Chassis
Straps - Buckles
Comfort 5
Reactivity 4
Baseplate stiffness 3
Highback Stiffness 3
Straps Stiffness 3
Sturdiness 4

The Union STR snowboard binding is a freestyle-oriented model offering a great reactivity and effective foot support. This is a quality binding with a relatively-flexible highback, openwork straps, and a slightly-inclined baseplate that enhances your riding position without hindering your sensations.

What's on the agenda for the Union STR Bone snowboard binding?

With this binding, you'll be able to master all terrains and enjoy a great control and playability to pull tricks all over the resort and the snowpark. The highback offers a great backside support while giving you all the freedom of movement you need for grabs and presses. The quality straps adapt perfectly to your boots for a painless support, in other words, it is perfect to chain descents all day long! Last but not least, the slightly-inclined baseplate corrects your riding position for more cushioning and less fatigue at joints level.

Who is the Union STR Bone snowboard binding for?

Accessible from the intermediate-level, this model will seduce a large number of skiers with its versatility, reactivity and comfort. If you like to vary the pleasures and try new tricks anytime you have an opportunity, the STR should please you!

What are the main assets of the Union STR Bone?

Well-balanced flex

Comfy support

Power-to-weight ratio

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