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Boots K2 Boundary Black

The Boundary Black snowboard boots developed by K2 offers a good compromise between reactivity and tolerance in the supports, while offering comfort and a very qualitative tightening.

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Year H21
Gender Men
Outter lacing Boa fast lacing
Inner lacing
Fast lacing
Foot Width Average
Boots Stiffness Medium

With the K2 Boundary, you get into the mid-range boots, well equipped and offering responsiveness on all terrains while remaining very pleasant to ride. The Boundary offers a flex medium, a comfortable liner with a good 3D Formed EVA insole, as well as sturdy materials in the upper and outer sole.  

What is the program of the K2 Boundary Black snowboard boots?  

With the Boundary at your feet, you'll be able to alternate between descents on the slopes by working on your carving technique, exploring the edges of the slopes and freestyle sessions in the snowpark. Its balance between reactivity and tolerance allows you to do a little bit of everything, while its comfort allows you to be comfortable in your boots all day long. The Harshmellow cushioned insert in the outsole gives you an extra cushioning to help absorb shock and vibration during jumps and pull-ups. Finally, the double BOA tightening system allows the top and bottom of the boot to be adjusted independently in order to gain precision compared to a single knob system, while maintaining the convenience and speed of the BOA system.  

Who is the K2 Boundary Black snowboard boot for?  

Accessible from the intermediate level, this model allows a large range of snowboarders to have fun and progress in freestyle or all-mountain, up to a very confirmed level. This is the perfect model if you’re looking for an all-terrain model that provides playability and comfort.  

What are the main qualities of the K2 Boundary Black snowboard boots?  



Practical and precise Double BOA clamping  

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