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Kids bindings

Your kid has begun snowboarding and needs his own set up with bindings?

On, we have a variety of kids snowboard bindings available, all looking fancy! All major brands in the industry are being creative and make their bindings playful and easy to use, suited for kids feet. But on top of being fun, these bindings are perfectly adapted to kids specific shapes and feature a forgiving construction to make progression easy as pie! If you have no clue on how to choose a binding, then you should start by reading our guide, it'll help you figure it out!

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Buyer’s guide for a junior snowboard binding

So, your kid wants to follow you everywhere and have his own board with his own bindings. Great news, but make sure he or she is properly equipped! Get him or her a soft and playful board and match it with a forgiving binding. This is the best way for a quick progression.

What are the specifications of a junior snowboard binding?

When you look at junior snowboard bindings, it feels like the manufacturer has just put the adult version through a shrinking ray. But if you take a closer look, you’ll realize how different they can be. Junior snowboard bindings are actually specifically designed for kids, adapted to their weight. The baseplate is very well padded to enhance comfort while the highback is soft and flexy to make the binding more forgiving with more mobility. Junior models are also lighter so kids don’t wear themsleves out in a couple of runs.

What are the most convenient junior bindings?

Whether you ride with your entire family or you want to put your kid into ski school, make sure he has a binding that matches his needs, he will progress faster. Through our large selection of bindings, there are a few brands that stand out like Gnu, Roxy and Flow as they offer bindings with rear-entry systems. They are very easy to use and appreciated by kids. Basically, there is a lever on the highback which you push downward to release the highback. Slide your boot in the binding, put the highback back in position and pull the lever to lock it. It takes only a few seconds and it’s perfect for small hands.

What are the other benefits of junior snowboard bindings?

One sure thing, kids like colorful stuff and that is something manufacturers have understood. They keep playing with colours and design to make their junior bindings look awesome. So, when you know your kid can have a binding he likes and adapted to his needs, why would you not buy it? He’ll progress faster than any of his friends and he’ll be able to ride with you by the end of the season!

Through the many models available, the main difference will be the flexibility of the binding. The can be more or less stiff. If your child has never been on a snowboard before or if he is still learning the basics, you want a flexy binding. It provides a smooth and forgiving feel. However, if he has skills and he rides pretty fast, you want something stiffer providing more response and more precision.

Now you know everything you need about junior snowboard bindings. All you have to do is select the right one for your kid and have him happy!

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