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Men's bindings

Which men's bindings for your board?

There is a variety of choices when it comes to men's snowboard bindings. If you feel a bit lost, a good place to start would be to read our bindings buyer's guide. We detail everything about bindings and help you understand how they work and what they do. The binding corner has over 200 models available including 130+ for men. Depending on your style, skills and tastes of course, you can choose from a wide selection from the most notorious manufacturers. Whether you look for a specific model or you need a few tips to help you find the right binding, our staff will always be happy to help.

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Buyer’s guide for a snowboard binding for men.

You chose well when you decided to buy your snowboard bindings on With our 130 men specific models available in sotre, we have what you need. The most difficult thing will be to pick one pair only!

How to choose a snowboard binding adapted to your riding style?

This is the first question you need to answer before buying a pair of snowboard binding.

You want to discover the joys of snowboarding or you are an occasional rider who hits the slopes once or twice a year. In this case, you want something easy to use and effortless. Look for a flexy binding, with dampening pads under heel and toes. The brand doesn’t matter as long as the binding feels comfortable and undemanding.

A soft binding is also an excellent choice for freestylers who need extra mobility for tweaking their grabs or pressing boxes.

Experienced riders who like high-speed carving, or powder hounds who keep surfing the deep all day long will prefer a stiffer binding. It will be more responsive and more precise. A stiff construction provides more support and handles speed better.

How to set up the bindings on your board?

First thing, you need to know if you are goofy or regular. If your strong foot or front foot is your right foot then consider yourself as a goofy rider. If it’s the left one, then you are regular.

Anyways, goofy or regular, same difference! On a snowboard, bindings are not supposed to release the boot like ski bindings, therefore, you need to be cautious about how you set them up.

The standard position, recommended to beginners, is to have the front foot with a 15° angle (toes pointing forward) and the rear foot perpendicular to the board (0°).

However, technical riders who like to carve on pistes and who ride fast will prefer to have both feet parallel on the board, both pointing forward. Freestylers on the other hand need more air control and more balance. This is why they will usually go for a duck stance, with a positive angle on the front foot and a negative angle on the rear foot.

You will also need to choose how centered the bindings are on the board. For example, if you want a versatile board for cruising everywhere on the mountain, then you probably want to center your bindings on the board. However, if you are a freerider and spend your time on powder, you want to have your bindings setback from 1 to 4cm closer to the tail. Floatation will be more natural.

What details make the difference between bindings?

The impressive amount of bindings available on the market allows every rider to find his perfect match. Each binding has specific options. The highback can be more or less flexible or tall, offering more or less support and mobility. Flow bindings come with a specific rear-entry system making entries and exits super quick. Freestyle bindings are generally ultra light, every bit of them was designed to use as little material as possible. You should also pay attention to the padding which can drastically improve your comfort when you spend long days in the mountain.

Come on quick, make your choice through our wide selection of bindings!