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Borealis snowboard sets

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+ bindings Borealis Snowboard The Origins Top EXTRA 20% OFF
Recommended price £477.54
  • From From £347.30

The Borealis The Origins snowboard is a super-pleasant model you can ride on all terrains and especially through deep powder thanks to an amazing playability and handling.

Sizes available
  • 158
+ bindings Borealis Snowboard Tundra Overview
Recommended price £564.54
  • From From £494.94

The Borealis Tundra is a versatile and playful snowboard made for freestyle/all-mountain that delivers big thrills all around the resort. It was built using eco-responsible materials.

Sizes available
  • 156
  • 157W
  • 160W


Are Borealis snowboards really eco-built?

In a Borealis snowboard, you will find a majority of biosourced or recycled products, and therefore more sustainable. From the materials used, through the glue used to assemble them, to the wax used to wax the snowboard, Borealis' choices are guided by a dual objective of performance and low environmental impact.

Topsheets in bamboo or bio-sourced plastic

The topsheet of your snowboard is the top part, the veneer that protects the heart of your board and also allows you to decorate it. At Borealis, we like natural decorations and that's why we find a lot of bamboo veneers where the wood fiber is put in the spotlight. In addition to having an extremely fast growth facilitating a sustainable exploitation, bamboo has a very interesting weight/power ratio in the structure of a snowboard. The other topsheets of the brand are made out of bio-sourced plastic, composed of 50% castor oil, allowing to have beautiful boards while using an alternative to the traditional plastic made from petroleum.

snowboard Borealis with bindings

Noyau FSC, fibres de basalte et carres en acier recyclé

FSC core, basalt fibres and recycled steel edges The Ultra Liht Forest Core cores used on many of the brand's models are made from poplar and paulownia wood from plantations certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) environmental label, which ensures the production of wood that guarantees sustainable forest management. In addition, the brand uses basalt fibre, which offers as much performance as the fibreglass usually used in snowboard construction, while being more sustainable. Finally, the brand has also chosen recycled steel for the edges of all its snowboards so as not to use additional natural resources.

Eco-resin and natural wax

To assemble all these materials, Borealis uses Greenpoxy glue instead of the very harmful Epoxy glue. This Epoxy glue is made from recycled biomass. It is considerably less harmful to the environment and to the worker, while being just as effective. Finally, to ensure that Borealis snowboards glide optimally without polluting snow, soil and groundwater, the brand uses Nzero ecological wax, made from soya and corn.

You understand that buying a Borealis snowboard pack is making a responsible purchase. So if you need a new snowboard and you are tempted by Borealis, don't hesitate!