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Rome snowboard sets

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+ bindings Rome Snowboard Blackjack Top PROMO
Recommended price £490.62
  • From From £362.56

The Blackjack is a Rome freestyle snowboard that’s both easy to ride and evolutive. You’ll enjoy a great riding comfort on the pistes/sides and a nice playability for freestyle!

Sizes available
  • 153
  • 156
  • 157W
  • 159
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Royal Top PROMO
Recommended price £454.27
  • From From £304.30

The Royal women snowboard from Rome is easy to master and forgiving. It will help beginners to start their practice smoothly and have fun in all the resort.

Sizes available
  • 141
  • 144
  • 150
+ bindings Rome Snowboard National Top PROMO
Recommended price £699.67
  • From From £489.72

The National is a twin-directional Rome freestyle snowboard offering a great pop, reactivity and playability, it handles well on all kinds of snows.

Sizes available
  • 156
  • 158
  • 162W
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Artifact Top PROMO
Recommended price £540.71
  • From From £389.73

The Artifact is a Rome freestyle snowboard made for the park and the streets, it is super playful board that’s been reinforced to handle everything you throw at it!

Sizes available
  • 155W
  • 156
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Buckshot Top PROMO
Recommended price £690.58
  • From From £412.46

The Buckshot is a Rome snowboard designed for freestyle, performing in the park but also on piste. A real hard-charging board!

Sizes available
  • 158
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Gang Plank Top PROMO
Recommended price £563.33
  • From From £413.46

The Rome Gang Plank is a freestyle snowboard that works well everywhere in the resort with lots of pop, playability and dynamism.

Sizes available
  • 155
  • 160W
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Heist Top PROMO
Recommended price £526.99
  • From From £355.20

Evolutive and versatile, the Heist women snowboard by Rome lets you vary the pleasures everywhere in the resort, from the pistes to the park, without forgetting the sides.

Sizes available
  • 142
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Mechanic Top PROMO
Recommended price £445.17
  • From From £330.75

The Mechanic snowboard from Rome is a freestyle-oriented model that feels super easy to ride with its accessible and playful construction. Ideal to send tricks all over the resort!

Sizes available
  • 156
  • 157W
  • 159
  • 161W
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Minishred Top PROMO
Recommended price £263.40
  • From From £196.23

The Minishred is a Rome kids snowboard with a flexible yet robust construction souple and a reversed camber for a maximum of forgiveness.

Sizes available
  • 90
  • 105
  • 110
  • 115
  • 120
  • 125
+ bindings Rome Snowboard Ravine Top PROMO
Recommended price £636.05
  • From From £445.18

The Ravine snowboard by Rome is an ultra-versatile, playful, and pleasant model you can ride everywhere. The ideal weapon to chain turns and show off your style all over the mountain!

Sizes available
  • 155


Why choose a Rome snowboard in pack with bindings?

Directional, Twin Directional, Twin-Tip

At Rome, boards are classified according to their shape. There are three ranges: Twin-Tip, Twin Directional and Directional. Within each of these ranges, there are a multitude of models for men, women and children, with a wide variety of cambers to meet every need. So you can find the right board for your level, riding style and playground.

Rome Snowboards technologies

Beyond the technical choices that influence their shape (shape, camber, etc.), Rome snowboards are distinguished above all by a very advanced technological research. The brand does not skimp on reinforcements and materials to create the best possible performance boards that are best suited to their respective programs.

Bamboo, carbon or fiberglass siderails:
Turborods and Hotrods are longitudinal reinforcements, existing in bamboo, carbon or fiberglass depending on the desired effect, and strategically placed in the core of Rome snowboards to modify their characteristics. Thanks to these reinforcements, the boards gain more or less ollie power and/or more or less torsional stiffness.

pack snowboard Rome

Hibeam Technology :
This is a surplus of material in the core at the tip level, aiming to increase the pop and stability of Rome snowboards by one more notch.

Sinterstrong & Rebound Sidewalls
Present on some Rome freeride boards, Sinterstrong Sidewalls have the effect of increasing grip while being more robust. The Rebound Sidewalls are designed for freestyle/park snowboards, offering a smoother glide as well as a better resistance to shocks on the modules.

Wood, fiberglass and carbon fiber
Without going too far in the technique, we would also like to point out that Rome snowboards use a wide variety of core constructions and combinations of fiberglass and carbon, for boards that are always more performing and adapted to their program. Everybody wins, whatever your level and your budget!