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Nitro splitboard

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Nitro Planche Snowboard Volta OverviewNitro Planche Snowboard Volta Back
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The Nitro Volta is a women’s splitboard that offers a good balance between performance and accessibility to enjoy great snow conditions with great riding comfort. 

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Nitro Squash Split Nitro Squash Split
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Splitboard version of the Nitro Squash, the Squash Split is a very directional model offering beautiful performances on any type of snow and with a good balance between performance and accessibility. 

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Nitro Nomad Nitro Nomad
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The Nomad is a splitboard developed by Nitro that stands out notably thanks to its great value for money, but also its riding comfort and manoeuvrability. 

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Nitro splitboard purchase guide

For winter 2020-2021, there are four models in the Nitro splitboard range. The Doppelganger, the Squash Split, the Nomad and the Volta are four very complementary boards, which satisfy a wide range of needs and practices. To help you understand and choose the model that suits you, you will find below a brief summary of the programme and the profile corresponding to each board.

Nitro Doppelganger

We start with the best performing model from the onset. Intended for advanced use, this model combines lightness and performance thanks to its construction which mixes Koroyd Powercore technology and a carbon fibre structure. It offers a sufficient torsional rigidity to tackle steep slopes and is effective on all types of snow.

Nitro Squash Split

Great for powder and fun while remaining effective on all types of snow, this is an ideal splitboard for great backcountry sessions. Slightly heavier on ascents than the Doppelganger, this model excels in terms of flotation, dynamism and manoeuvrability. And in hard snow, this model maintains a good grip.

Nitro Nomad and Volta

Two equivalent models, one for men and one for women. Their powercore shell with a fibreglass structure provides a good power-to-weight ratio. These are fairly accessible splitboards suitable for the intermediate/confirmed level. They offer control, manoeuvrability and is perfect for discovering the joys of splitboard in the mountains.