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Buying guide for ski touring and mountaineering harnesses :

What are the different parts of a harness?

The choice of your harness depends above all on your activity. For mountaineering, it is important to have a comfortable harness with many gear loops. Whereas for ski touring, you can be as minimalist as possible since in most cases you just need an ice pin and possibly a carabiner. Some models also have adjustable leggings so you can put on your harness without removing your skis or crampons.

The belt: adjustable with one or two buckles, it is designed to provide comfort while being as light as possible. It adjusts just above your hips.

Adjustment buckles: they are in different places on your harness. For mountaineering and ski touring, they are located on the legs for a better fit and to facilitate the passage of the harness without removing your equipment.

ski touring harness

Equipment holder: often four in number, it allows you to carry your ice axe or carabiners. Some harnesses even have extra buckles to carry even more gear.

Bungee: this is the strongest point of the harness and the only part that is load tested. For example, this is where you attach a carabiner to install the belay or rappel system.

Rope Attachment Point: As the name implies, this is where you attach the rope directly. It is located just below the trigger guard and connects the leggings to the belt.

For weight, our selection of Petzl and Black Diamond harnesses weighs between 150 and 220 g only. They are dedicated for ski mountaineering and ski touring where there is little technical climbing to be done. They have the advantage of being easily transportable in a backpack without penalizing you. In addition, the leggings can be detached so that you can put on your harness without removing your skis or crampons.