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How to choose insoles for your ski boots?

Before anything else, as a sports and more specifically a ski specialist, the soles you will find on our website are intended to improve your comfort as well as your performances but are by no means designed to treat orthopedic conditions. 
We work with SIDAS which offers a full range of high-performance products for the comfort of your feet. A brand also chosen by elite athletes such as Martin Fourcade, Perrine Lafon, Maurice Magnifica, Ben Valentin….

The foot complexity

For skiers, the foot holds a central role acting as the link between them and their skis. Enclosed inside your shoe, it directs the ski in the right direction and therefore, it is primordial that it stays in the best conditions possible despite all the stress affecting it.

At the basis of the body, the feet are:
- unique by their morphology 
- complex with 28 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 27 muscles
- sensitive as they serve as a sensor

The feet differ by their shape, way of moving and pressure distribution. We classify them in three categories depending on the level of contact with the ground: low, medium and high arch foot.

foot profile

Inserting your sole in your ski boot

To avoid any kind of discomfort or pain, placing your foot properly, laid out flat, is crucial in order to fit the sole perfectly and ensure a good and homogeneous support as well as a good stability. This means a pair of boots well suited to your morphology, a good sole and some good socks.

Why buy insoles for your ski boots?

In your ski boots, the stock soles (also called footbeds) are basic and universal. They are flat and manufactured with foams of various quality depending on the model. They only offer weak insulation and little flexibility for the foot. They can however be used to adjust your shoe size. Poorly adjusted, they are not designed to offer a real support and might cause some pain, fatigue and even cramps.

3D soles

3D Winter soles

Sidas winter 3D
Their 3-dimensional structure allows for a perfect support of the foot and promotes a good alignment of the body. The 3D soles are designed with an ergonomic-shaped frame, a foam coating for comfort and various isolating materials depending on the model. These characteristics provide the 3D Winter soles with many advantages compared to the flat soles of your ski boots.

1- Arch support
A good arch support will allow you to avoid the cold feet feeling and the tiredness of the foot. Acting as a venous pump, the arch is a peripheral motor for blood return and a good blood flow reduces the cold feet syndrome. And so, a good arch support will reactivate this venous pump. Being more stable and well supported, the stabilisation efforts will be reduced and limit muscle fatigue as well as the risk of blisters. The foot won't move as much and cause less friction as a consequence.

2- EVA foam cushion
A foam suited to your foot allows for a better and more homogeneous support that will limit the risk of foot pain. The foam will be slightly thicker under the heel for improved comfort.

3- Aluminum-foil thermal insulation
This will stop most of the cold radiations coming from the ground and prevent your feet from ending up frozen.

3feet Merino soles

3feet Merino Sidas
Another type of soles, the 3Feet Merino offers a tailored support of the arch (low, medium or high) with aluminum insulation under the entirety of the foot as a bonus and a merino wool coating for maximum warmth and odor reduction. These soles adapt to the height of your arch and to your morphology to provide you with optimal support, in addition to all the other advantages of the 3D sole. The MID sole is the closest to an universal sole.

Winter 3D Comfort soles

Sidas winter 3D confort
In addition to all the Winter 3D advantages, the Winter 3D Comfort offers better thermal insulation thanks to its fur coating and an extended aluminum insulation. Which means more warmth and even more comfort for your feet.

Winter 3Feet

Sidas winter custom pro

This insole is available in 3 distinct arch heights: HIGH – MID – LOW. Your feet are protected from the cold by an aluminium protective film. For even more comfort, gel located on the heel guarantees cushioning. The 3D structure provides ideal foot support and promotes good posture:

1-Aluminium film thermal insulation

Stops cold radiations from the ground to prevent your feet from getting cold

2-Foot arch support

Good arch support prevents your feet from feeling cold and reduces fatigue. Available for 3 types of arches to provide comfort, stability, and precision on all your activities.

Gel cushion

Gel cushioning on the heel dissipates impacts and dampens shocks.

Winter 3D Merino

Sidas Volcano Heat

Thanks to its merino wool surface, this insole offers perfect insulation along with an aluminium film under the sole. The EVA shell stabilises the foot and prevents unwanted movements.

3mm or 5mm volume reducer

Sidas volume reducer
This compensating sole will allow you to reduce your shoe size by 1 or ½ size. It has to be placed under the sock liner.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a technical insole is essential for your ski boot, it's the base of your foot. We could even say it's like a bucket seat for your foot. It will give you support and suppress plenty of drawbacks, bringing more comfort for your feet that will be more rested and less cold. It's the essential accessory for a proper skiing day. 

3D soles do not change your shoe size since they are used to replace the stock footbed. Available in different sizes, you can also cut them in order to fit your boot perfectly.
All our ski boot insoles are a real asset when it comes to comfort and foot support.