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The different kinds of glide wax

Check out our glide wax corner and find the wax suited for your needs.

CH wax

The CH or hydrocarbon is the go-to ski wax. Its formula has no fluorine additives and won’t damage your base. It is advised to use CH ski wax has often as possible, ideally, use the blue CH no matter the brand, after every single session.

The maintenance of the base will have two assets: first of all, a ski waxed at a good temperature will deliver a better glide, second of all, a well maintained base will keep its gliding properties way longer.

LF wax

The LF or Low Fluor, as said in the name, is a ski wax with a low level of fluorine. Most of the time you use it as a training wax but it can also be used as a base racing wax before to put HF wax. The fluorinated formula gives a hydrophobic treatment to the surface of the base in order to limit the friction effect.

It is mainly used for training because there are better waxes for racing. It provides a sufficient glide for training sessions and it will be more powerful than a less hydrophobic CH wax. It is not advised for regular maintenance.

HF wax

The HF or High Fluor is developed for racing. Powerful when moisture level is high, it can offer two uses. It can be an economical race waxing, you put a base of LF was, once scraped and brushed you can put the HF wax.

You can also use the HF as a base then you will have to put some Cera type wax. The HF has super powerful hydrophobic properties which quickly clears the thin layer of water between the base and the snow. 

On wet snow, it limits the suction effect. It is the base wax of every racers because it allows to fix the Cera and reduces the wear and tear of the wax due to the friction, the abrasion and the clogging.

Cera or powder

The powder is more commonly called Cera, it is usually the last wax used before the race. Its formula is ultra fluorinated increases the hydrophobic treatment on the base and the gliding performances of the HF + Cera are simply stunning.

This wax is only for a race use and you need to wear a gas mask. The Cera is harmful for the base that ends up becoming too dry if you use it too often.

The Cera also exist in a liquid form we call accelerators or boosters. The accelerators have to be spayed on the whole base at last. It provides an even better glide on the first kilometers of the race.