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How to prepare your skis for summer storage

Ski maintenance:

When winter comes to its end, it is time to prepare your skis for putting them out for summer. The first thing you want to do is repair their bases and get them prepped for the next season. To do so, you can either bring your skis to your local shop and ask for a waxing without scraping, or you can do it yourself with our how-to video:

Maintaining your ski bindings:

Start with cleaning up your bindings with fresh water to get the dirt and dust off them. Then comes the eternal question: Should you loosen up the release value for summer?

Certain brands recommend not to touch their bindings (Salomon for instance). Yet, it would make sense to loosen up the springs to increase their durability. 

If you decide to do it, make sure you note the different settings values before loosening up the DIN down to the smallest figure both on toe and heel pieces.

heel piece of a ski binding
Toe piece of a ski binding
And most importantly, remember to tighten them back to their original settings when winter comes again!
As a general rule, you should get your bindings checked by a professional shop before every winter.

How to store your skis over summer?

If you want your skis to stay in shape longer, it is important you put them out somewhere dry and temperate (forget about the garage, it's too cold, and the basement too wet). You can also leave your ski bag slightly open to let the air flow and prevent rust from eating your edges. 

If, despite all your efforts, you do see rust appearing, don't panic, it doesn't mean you need to throw your skis away. It will disappear after a few runs on the snow or after the first edge tune. 

The most meticulous skiers can store their skis vertically and aside from each other.
ski bag detail
ski bag

How to store your touring ski gear for summer?

Proper care for climbing skins

During winter, it is important that you let your skins to dry out after each session before storing them. 
For summer, the process will depend on the kinds of skins you're using:

Storage for glueless skins:

Stick them together and put them away in a storage bag to prevent dust from settling on it.

Storage for standard glued skins:

Stick the skins to the net in order to prevent the glue from transferring during a long summer rest. Put them away in a storage bag to avoid dust to settle on glue.
Climbing Skins
Skins storage bag

How to maintain touring ski bindings?

Every brand offer their own tips and tricks in order to maintain your equipment over summer.

A good start is to clean your bindings and remove as much dirt as possible before putting them away. You can also use the brand's instruction guide to do a proper job.

Most manufacturers recommend to let the heel piece in ski mode (heel lever up to release stress on springs).

Touring ski binding maintenance

How to store your ski boots over summer?

First, you want your boots to be completely dry before you put them away. Take the liners out of the shell and leave them out for a night or two to make sure they dry out completely.

Put them back into the shell and lock the boots (first buckle is enough). This avoids the shell to deform.

It's also a good time for checking the wear and tear of your heel pads.

Pulling liner off ski boot
Liner and shell of a ski boot

What care should you give to your ski clothing?

The end of winter is a good time for giving your clothes a good care. Many are the resorts to offer a free degreasing: take the opportunity if you can! However, make sure you use a progressinal store if you want your clothes to keep their technical properties! If you want to take care of your equipment yourself, make sure you use a laundry detergent that's adapted for this type of clothes (Nikwax, Nst, Collonil) and of course, follow the instructions for each specific membrane.

The basic process for a good clean up is to use the softest programm of the washing machine, without chemicals (softeners), and without using the drying machine. 

Specific laundry detergents help to waterproof your clothes again. You can also to that after the washing with specific sprays.

How to store your helmet and your goggle over summer?

There are no specific instructions for putting those items away. We do recommend to keep them away from sunlight though, somewhere dry, in their bag.

However, before you store them, you do want to check them. Inspect your ski helmet closely. Make sure there are no cracks on the shell or on your goggle lens.

Helmet bag in detail
Helmet bag opened

Mountain safety equipment: which specific care?

How should I put my avalanche airbag away for summer?

Every model is different. We recommend you refer to the instruction guides from each specific brands.
However, the maintenance of gas canisters should be done before the season starts rather than when it ends. 

More and more manufacturers make products that you check on your own, at home (pressure gauge or weight check). Of course, you can still bring your bag to a professional store to make sure you check this properly.

How to store away your avanlanche beacon for summer?

Start by removing the batteries off your device to avoid discharge or oxidation and put your transceiver in a dry place. 

Make sure you check possible updates available for the most recent devices. Most of the time, brands will send you an email to notify you.

Avalanche airbag maintenance
Storage beacon ARVA