Specialist in wintersports and boardsports equipment, Glisshop sells ski, snowboard and skateboard gears online. You can also buy our shoes online. Have a look through our wide range of ski boots, bindings, snow boots, skateboard. You can also find a selection of high-quality clothes to feel good on the snow at all times. Glisshop, skateboard shop

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It's been a long time since Abel Rossignol, a carpenter passionate about skiing, was making his first pair of wooden skis with his own hands, in 1907. Nowadays, the brand is the worldwide leader on the ski market, and ranks second in terms of ski poles.


Created in 1977 by Jack Burton Carpenter, from Canada, Burton is THE brand of snowboard known by all. Using the knowledge and experience gathered during more than 30 years, Burton keeps on releasing innovative products season after season, which keeps the brand to the top, and make it the worldwide leader.


In 1979, Rob Kaplan creates Dakine (meaning "the best" in Hawaiian). The brand starts by selling surf accessories and soon reaches other boardsports such as skateboard and snowboard. Today, the brand offers a full range of bags, backpacks and wear.


Born in a small workshop making wood saws and ski edges, located in the old Annecy and belonging to Georges Salomon, the brand Salomon started to gather notoriety with its bindings, and then started producing ski boots, skis and other equipment for wintersports.


The adventure starts in the cradle of skateboarding, California, in the early 90's, when Richard Woolcott and Tucker All made their dream become true and funded their own brand of clothing. Nowadays, the brand sells wear and accessories, all widely inspired from the cultures of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.


It has been 19 years since DC first produced and sold skate shoes and skate wears. Created in 1993 by Ken Block, Danny Way and Colin McKay, the famous brand is now reaching other sports, and uses its knowledge to produce snowboots and snowboards.


1957 : First pair of skis carrying the name Atomic...1966 : beginning of the industrial production. Two years later, first competitions. Nowadays, Atomic, it is ski poles, nordic skis, ski boots, snow boots, and a wide range of alpine skis. With all these products, Atomic reaches the Top 3 among the distributors of high quality ski.

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Infoline : +44 (0)20 3129 3301

Infoline :
+44 (0)20 3129 3301

From Tuesday to Saturday :
10am-12am / 2pm-7pm