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Ortovox backpacks

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How to choose your Ortovox backpack?

Ortovox has developed a full range of technical rucksacks just for winter sports. And each model comes with its own specificities and targets a different audience.

The different Ortovox backpack models:

  • Cross Rider
  • Free Rider
  • Tour Rider
  • Haute Route
  • Ascent

What are the assets of the Ortovox Haute Route backpack?

The Haute Route is perfect for multi-day hikes and long ski journeys. The latest modernized version of this bag is not only light but also scratch-resistant thanks to Cordura inserts.

An improved comfort, user-friendliness along with a technical and robust design were Ortovox priorities from the very beginning on this project.

The innovating O-Flex system ensures a perfect weight distribution between the hips and shoulders and lets the bag mirror your every movement.

This range differs from the others with its access to the main compartment through the back panel and its top-of-the-range equipment and characteristics. The Haute Route, for instance, features mounting options for your rope, pick and crampons. The bag also comes with a net where you can put your helmet along with an emplacement for the maps. Skis can be attached on the back in different ways, with the classic method on the side or diagonally on the front.

Like all Ortovox backpacks, the Haute Route also features a special compartment designed to store your security equipment.

Why you should pick the Ortovox Tour Rider

The Tour Rider rucksack comes from the Free Tour range and was fully remade with the addition of new equipments. With this backpack, you will be fully prepared to tackle a multi-day hike, the light back system is very comfortable as it is made of several panels that adjust to your body perfectly. Besides, the air can flow freely between the panels.

With the help of the load control straps and ergonomic braces, the weight is ideally distributed between the hips and shoulders.

The main compartment opens conventionally with a zip on the front but also one on the rear to always have your security gear on hand quickly.

In addition of all the ski mounting options, this backpack can also hold your poles, helmet, picks and snowboard.

This simple and intuitive hiking rucksack is offered in 28 and 30-liter versions with a shorter back panel on the women’s models.

Its close-fitting shape makes it the ideal companion for long ski journeys.