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Glisshop is a website that belongs to the group LAFRETO. The group owns several sports branches, each of them dedicated to a specific field. Golfing, wintersports, wind and nautical sports, nordic skiing, LAFRETO wants to stick with its customers throughout the seasons, all year long, by offering a variety of gear for their passion.

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Arva Shovel Access OverviewArva Shovel Access Side

Appreciated by skiers and snowboarders, the Arva Access shovel proves to be very effective, both for shaping a kicker in the powder and for recovering an avalanche victim.

Arva Backpack Backpack Calgary 18 Petrol Blu OverviewArva Backpack Backpack Calgary 18 Petrol Blu Side SALES
Recommended price £62.63

In order to limit its impact on the environment as much as possible, the Arva Calgary 18L Petrol Blue ski touring backpack is designed in an ecological and sustainable way by using recycled materials.  

Colour available
  • Arva Backpack Backpack Calgary 18 Petrol Blu Overview
Arva Shovel Access Ts OverviewArva Shovel Access Ts Side

The Arva Access TS snow shovel is a versatile, light and practical model. Its foldable telescopic handle allows you to store it in such a way that it takes up little space.

Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Black OverviewArva Backpack Backpack St26 Black Back SALES
Recommended price £134.31

The Arva Ski Trip 26 Black freeride backpack has a volume of 26 litres, which is also perfectly sufficient for a ski touring day trip.

Colours available
  • Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Black Overview
  • Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Blue Overview
Arva Backpack St 30 Black OverviewArva Backpack St 30 Black Side SALES
Recommended price £161.19

The ARVA ST 30 is a very complete winter mountain backpack, with a volume and functionalities allowing you to carry a good amount of material and equipment for your winter activities.

Colour available
  • Arva Backpack St 30 Black Overview
Arva Activation Set Cartouche Acier OverviewArva Activation Set Cartouche Acier Side

Ultra compact high strength steel cylinder for Arva Airbag backpack

Arva Shovel Plume OverviewArva Shovel Plume Side

Highly appreciated for its extreme lightness, the Arva Plume snow shovel can be used to carve a kick in powder snow as well as to free a victim caught under an avalanche.

Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Blue OverviewArva Backpack Backpack St26 Blue Side SALES
Recommended price £134.31

The Arva Ski Trip 26 Blue backpack is equipped with a compartment dedicated to the storage of avalanche safety equipment, which is indispensable in the mountains.

Colours available
  • Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Black Overview
  • Arva Backpack Backpack St26 Blue Overview
Arva Backpack Explorer 18 Black OverviewArva Backpack Explorer 18 Black Side

The Explorer 18L Purple Grey snowboard backpack comes with numerous technical features making it a comfortable, strong and handy backpack for your outdoor adventures.

Colour available
  • Arva Backpack Explorer 18 Black Overview
Arva Shovel PELLE AXE OverviewArva Shovel PELLE AXE Side

The Arva Axe excavator is very versatile as it can be transformed into a pickaxe. It has a very light weight for easy transport in your backpack. 

Arva Shovel Shovel Plume Ts OverviewArva Shovel Shovel Plume Ts Side

The Arva Plume Ts snow shovel has a telescopic handle with Pin Lock, which is extremely effective when it comes to freeing someone trapped in an avalanche

Arva Probe Spark 240 OverviewArva Probe Spark 240 Side

With a total length of 2.40 m, the space-saving Arva Spark 240 probe is made of a robust and light-weight 7075 aluminium with a stainless steel cord tension system.