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Alpine Ski El Rey


£325.51 VAT included
Saving: £105.61
Winter 2016
Intermediate - Advanced
Freestyle All-Mountain
Size 171cm - Radius 17.5m

Alpine Ski Armada El Rey

Ski sold without binding.

The El Rey returns unchanged from its previous version. It is a great twin-tip ski perfectly suited for a freestyle use. It features a fibreglass reinforced woodcore that brings pop and flexibility to your ride and wraps it with a CAP construction enhancing the ski's durability, perfect for endless jibbing.  

What can the Armada El Rey ski do ? 

Make sure you fasten your seatbelt cause with its traditional camber and its powerful core, the El Rey will get you to the moon. The ski is super poppy and lively. You won't find any rocker on it, it is a full camber profile designed for gripping hard stay precise and stable throughout the park. The ski used to be stiff and pretty demanding but Armada worked on it and softened it a bit until they found the right balance. Now the ski is not too soft not too stiff and it doesn't take long until you feel comfortable on it. The fun is there, that makes no doubt. Armada did keep the tail of the ski slightly stiffer than the rest though, using specific carbon reinforcements. That gives it that dose of extra pop for keeping your ollies high and clean and turns it into the ultimate freestyle weapon every shredder dreams about. From park to groomers and natural features, the El Rey has that talent to turn the entire mountain into a massive playground and that's all we need for having fun right?  

Who is the Armada El Rey ski designed for?  

This is an ideal pick for all freestylers looking for a park ripper that can deal with the rest of the mountain. From intermediate to advanced level, you'll find in the El Rey a fantastic friend that will keep you entertained all season long.  

What are the main assets of the Armada El Rey?  



Product Name
Armada El Rey
Product price
£219.90  instead of  £325.51
Specs Alpine Ski Armada El Rey
Year 2016

Out of stock



• Intermediate - Advanced
Ski category
• Freestyle.All-Mountain
Specific abilities
• None
Structure - Construction
Tip No
Tail No
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Multi-turns
• Bidirectional (twin tip)
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Multi-turns


  • Bidirectional (twin tip)  :

    The ski shape allows to ski forward or backward.

Structure - Construction

  • Cap  :

    This method wraps the wood core with composite fiberglass layers creating a torsion box. The base assembly is inserted into the mold, then the fiberglass wrapped core and top material are added. A variable slant between the base and topsheet creates a super-durable and light ski with a balanced flex.

  • Carbon Tail Stringer  :

    Carbon used in the tail to add pop.

  • Fleet Core  :

    Similar to the Double Zone core, but with a slow taper to 45 degrees toward the tips and tails. This eases entry and exit into and out of turns for lighter riders.

  • Laminate matrix  :

    We know from the core out exactly how each ski should react, so three kinds of fiberglass laminates are used in combination to deliver the exact amount of flex and torsional rigidity. Bi-axial fiberglass runs in an “x” pattern down the ski to control lateral flex. Uni-directional fiberglass controls flex along the length of the ski. And tri-axial fiberglass, with fibers running in three directions, beefs up the center of the ski. The permutations of the three fiberglasses are nearly limitless and allow us to precision tune the performance of every ski we make.

Rocker - Camber

  • Positive Camber  :

    Traditional camber engaging the tip and the tail of the ski, allowing perfect entries and exits or turns.


  • 2.5 Impact Edge  :

    This edge has an oversized height and width and the steel is heat-treated to a proprietary hardness which helps resist breaking and tearing out from rails, ledges and any other abuse it might meet.

  • S7 Base  :

    The new S7 features a gliding additive for increased speed and longevity. Armada's toughest base, find the S7 on any ski that’s looking for rails, ledges, and boxes as much as snow.


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

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Available sizes :
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  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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