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Lange gave a good shake to the ski boots industry. In 1963, Bob Lange who owned a factory of polyurethan products in Dubuque, Iowa, made the first ever ski boot out of fibreglass. No more leather on the slopes and laces were soon to follow with the first Lange boot featuring buckles released in 1965. Since that time, the brand is obsessed with innovation and performance and it keeps releasing new products to rise the industry standards. The efforts paid off and in 2009 Aurélien Ducroz became freeride world champion with Lange boots on his feet, and so did Didier Defago in Vancouver one year later, in 2010.

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Lange Ski Boot bag Exclusive Boot Bag
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Lange Ski boot RX 90 W
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Lange Ski Boot bag Basic Duo
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Lange Ski Boot bag Eco
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Lange Ski boot XT 130 Lv Mineral White Green
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