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Norrona is a family-run company founded in Norway by Jørgen Jørgensen in 1929 with a focus on mountain and outdoor equipment. Just like every big name in this industry, Norrona started small with a line of cotton clothes and a few tech backpacks. The first leather factory was launched in 1929 to make strong and durable products. Then, Norrona expands its range of action in the 30’s and begins manufacturing camping tents and sleeping bags. During WWII, the company moves to Finland and returns to Norway in 1953 with a new head office in Oslo.

In the 50's and 60's, Norrona goes further into the camping industry and it’s only in the 70's that the manufacturer shifts production towards mountaineering. They start making backpacks and high-end mountain clothing as well as tents adapted to the mountain environment. In 1972, Norrona releases the Ravneskar, the first ever ‘tunnel tent’ with a front and a rear opening. In 1973, the brand hits the climbing industry with their climbing backpack named Stetind. Norrona keeps pushing forward and releases innovative products for all outdoor activities. From the Ringstind, another tunnel tent released in 1974, to the Arktis windstopper jacket in 1976, nothing seems to refrain the brand from growing. In 1975 Norrona update their logo with the notorious viking face. This icon is still in use today and recognised by most.

The success story continues and 1977 gives a good shake to the market with an industry-first: a Gore-Tex jacket made in Europe. At the same time, Norrona takes an active part to many expeditions worldwide and achieves a few historical ascents like the Jubileumsruta or the Svenskeruta summits or the Grande Tour de Trango in 1984, known as the most difficult climb in the world. Norrona provides technical clothes and backpacks for these events and helps Arne Næss team to climb the Everest in 1985. They also participate in the ascension of Mount McKinley or support Carl-Emil Petersen for his Greenland crossing.

Norrona raised the standards in the industry and keeps making high-quality products. The brand is an icon for any mountain lover and it is renowned for its reliability

Discover the brand's Lofoten range of technical garments for ski touring and other mountain activities, as well as the Falketind collection.

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