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Nordic Ski Madshus Endurace Intelligrip


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Level Sporty
Category Classic
Weight of the pair in grams

1150g en taille 187


A direct descendant of the Terrasonic range, the Endurace is a tolerant ski adapted to touring sports. It shines by its ease of grip and its stable and comfortable behavior.

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Endurace Intelligrip cross-country ski?

Its use is ultimately very broad, as Madshus presents it as a ski adapted to long sporting outings at a measured pace, perfect for weekend excursions, a very common practice in Norway. The construction lends itself totally to this, with a Polycell foam core lined with a fiberglass coating. The result is a soft character, with a pinch of dynamism very well balanced on the propulsion and in the technical passages. The Intelligrip skin system is today a reference in the field and has the advantage of a mixed 70% mohair and 30% nylon design that is very easy to hang and more durable than 100% mohair. Add to this the Move mounting plate and it provides exceptional ease and versatility of practice. This plate is designed to complement the Rottefella Move Switch system, a device that is nothing less than a very easy to use hook and slide regulator. It allows you to move the binding block forward or backward and load the skin more or less with the weight of the skier, you move forward to gain grip and vice versa you move backward to gain glide. This offers the opportunity to adapt the ski to the terrain, the type of outing you want to do or simply to the shape of the day. If this may seem an accessory, it is in fact a very useful system, all those who have tested it are unanimous on this point. The plate is adapted to Rottefella bindings, compatible with NNN, Prolink and Turnamic shoe standards. Easy, tolerant and technically very advanced, with the added bonus of making it even more versatile with the Move Switch, the Endurace is an ideal ski for classic skiers who like long sporting outings without technical constraints.

Who is the Madshus Endurace Intelligrip cross-country ski intended for?

For us it is the ideal model for regular recreational skiers or those in the technical development phase. It provides comfort during the grip phase, dynamism at the end of propulsion and is designed to be safe on technical passages. Very suitable for a sporting practice with a measured intensity and for long outings.

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Endurace Intelligrip cross-country ski?


Easy grip
Made in Norway

Size Chart : Madshus Endurace Intelligrip
Ski Length Skier's weight
187 cm 45 - 60 Kg
192 cm 60 - 75 Kg
197 cm 65 - 80 Kg
202 cm 80 - 95 Kg
207 cm +95 Kg
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