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Thinking about buying a fleece top to stay warm this winter?

Fleece is a technical fabric known for its warmth. Knowing that everything began from recycled plastic makes it even better! This layer of clothing is perfectly suited for skiers constantly looking for optimal warmth. Soft, warm, lightweight and breathable, fleece delivers 5-star comfort. It is a great choice for those looking for a mid layer between their jacket and their thermal underwear. You can even keep it on for going to the pub at the end of the day! This section is packed with comfortable and warm men and women fleece tops from the best brands in the world!

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Buyer’s guide for a good fleece top

When Malden Mills in 1979 developped the first fleece top based on synthetic materials, he was far from thinking it was the beginning of a revolution in the outdoor clothing industry. Fleece is as warm and durable as wool and it’s lighter than it! On glisshop.co.uk, you can find all sorts of fleece tops that will keep you warm all winter long.

What are the benefits of a fleece top?

Modern fleece fabrics offer one of the best weight to heat ratio and are very durable. This fabrics is also breathable and draws moisture away efficiently. The fleece jackets can be used as a second layer, also called midlayer, on top of your thermal underwear and under your jacket. Fleece has also one of the best value for money thanks to the use of recycled plastic. The Malden Mills company is now known under the name of Polartec and they are the leader of the industry. And if one day it’s getting too hot, just take the fleece off and put it in your bag, it’s highly packable!

Our tips to make your fleece top last

This high tech fabric has unfortunately a few weaknesses. You have probably experienced once in your life small electrical discharge after touching something metallic. It’s called static electricity and it builds up quickly with fleece. This means it attracts naturally dust or hair. Basic fleece fibre also tend to smell a bit if you sweat a little. In order to avoid that, manufacturers use antibacterial treatment which can be more or less effective. Anyways, it is recommended to wash your fleece clothing regularly to keep it as clean as possible. Also, be careful with fire if you don’t want to see holes in your top.

What if you went for an ultra functional model?

Considering the notoriety of fleece tops and jackets in the previous years, big brands in the outdoor industry have worked hard on improving their technologies to make the best fleece fabric. They upgraded their products with a better finish and more accessories. You get more pockets in strategic places, hoods or holes for your thumbs to make a better barrier against the cold. Discover our selection of branded fleece tops like Picture, Norrona or The North Face.