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Kids ski clothing

Looking for winter clothing for your kid?

No problem, on Glisshop you can find everything you need, including junior clothing! If you want your kid to stay warm and comfy all winter long, get him new ski pants and a technical jacket by Picture or DC. Not only he’ll be protected, but he will also look cool! We also have in store junior tee-shirts, sweaters, shorts or anything a kid may need to dress. Plus, with Glisshop, you know you will get the best prices!

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Buyer’s guide for junior clothing

On Glisshop we have selected a large selection of products all combining style and quality. From the ski school to the beach through the skatepark, we have everything to get your kid all bundled up for whatever he’s up to.

What do kids need to wear to feel good on the slopes?

They need something that looks nice because style matters, and they need something that keeps them away from the cold. And this is exactly what we have, DC, Picture, Quiksilver, the best brands are in store offering fashionable and technical jackets and trousers. It can snow, it can rain or the wind can whip your face, if you are wearing them, you’re shielded. Waterproof and breathable, these clothes are perfectly suited for all conditions. There are even brands like Picture who design junior clothes that can grow with the kids. This makes less waste and avoids buying a new jacket every year. Great stuff! Every jacket feature of course many pockets and other accessories designed to make your day easier. From the liftpass pocket on the sleeve to the powder skirts, through the adjustable hood, the goggle pocket including a goggle wipe or the keyloop, there are tons of cool features to be used! But let’s not forget the pants. As technically advanced as the jackets, ski pants are waterproof, breathable and comfortable. They feature gaiters preventing the snow from getting in but they can also come with other functional features like zippered ventings, or a jacket interface allowing to clip the two together. So make sure you check all these when you buy your kid a new equipment. Let him guide you with the style he wants and have a look at the practical side of things and you will get the best combination ever!

You’d rather equip your kid for summer and look for street wear?

Just have a look at our sweaters and tee-shirts and trousers, we have the complete kit for making your kid look like his favorite pro skater. This type of clothes are perfect for practicing sports, they are super comfortable and fit well in a skatepark!

Visit our shop and discover our clothing/sportswear corner and make your kid happy with his favorite brands!