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Men's clothing

Looking for ski clothing for men offering technical performance?

Do not wait any longer and benefit from a large selection of clothing with Glisshop.co.uk. Jackets, technical pants, fleece tops, insulated underwear, you will find anything you need to gear up with quality clothing. All the best brands are available from Picture to The North Face through Norrona or Under Armour. On glisshop.co.uk, you know you will find what you need to stay warm all winter long.

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Buyer’s guide for your technical winter clothing for men

In order to spend a great ski or snowboard season, you need a lot of snow, a good pair of skis or a great board, and solid clothing helping you to stay warm and dry all day long no matter the conditions. Cause there is nothing worse than shaking of cold on your skis with frozen fingers and not be able to hold your poles. It is not what you want. Fortunately, on glisshop.co.uk, our experts carefully select the products we sell to provide heat, insulation and comfort on the slopes.

What sort of clothing should you get for skiing?

Technologies have improved a lot lately allowing brands to bring tons of innovations in technical clothing. Gore-Tex-like membranes appear everywhere, synthetic fibres are more and more comfortable, merinos wool returns on the market as well as down jackets. The most difficult thing is to chose between all those. The magic solution is the 3 layer combination. The first layer is a thermal underwear close to the skin. The second is a midlayer and retains heat like fleece or wool. The top layer is the one that protects you from the elements like a tech jacket that’s breathable and waterproof like Gore Tex. The benefit of this mix is that the sweat is evacuated naturally from your skin through the membrane of your jacket to evaporate. With this on your shoulders, you can ride in the most extreme conditions. Whichever clothing you’re going to wear, just make sure you don’t wear cotton. It is a natural sponge that retains sweat and makes your skin colder faster.

The things you need to consider before buying technical clothing for men

In the first place you need to identify your needs. Think of what you do during winter for a minute. Because between clothing made for a recreational skiing and those designed for intense high-alpine skiing with long approaches and high physical efforts, there is a world of a difference. Technical jackets carry membranes offering different levels of breathability and waterproofness. Wools and fleece also have different densities making them more or less warm. Hardcore skiers who spend their time in powder or who walk and hike a lot want highly breathable fabrics in order to stay as dry as possible. The warmest fabrics are not necessarily the most recommended ones because you will generate a lot of heat naturally. Better have a down jacket in your backpack that you can easily take out when you’re having a break. Occasional skiers and snowboarders who want to relax on the slopes don’t need something as breathable but they want something warmer that keeps you away from the cold when you sit on the chairlift. On glisshop.co.uk, you can find any of these and make your own mix to match your style!