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Down jackets

How to choose the right down jacket to stay warm throughout winter?

More fashionable than ever, the down jacket is something you must have if you want to face winter comfortably. The women's down jacket is now part of a woman's wardrobe. Down jackets or feather jackets are the lightest and the warmest available at the moment. They will join you in the streets or in the mountain and will make sure you stay warm no matter the conditions. On Glisshop, there is also a large selection of men's down jackets available, all manufactured by the leading brands in the industry, 686, Picture, Pullin, Salomon, Scott, Sun Valley, Therm-Ic...

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How should should I choose my down jacket?

To fully enjoy your winter-sports holidays, it is primordial to feel nice and warm in your clothes. If some ski jackets come with a lining, it is still important to get a down jacket for after your session. Way lighter and more practical than a ski jacket, the light down jacket is an essential element for the skier's outfit.

What's the best down jacket for me?

Manufacturers are full of imagination when it comes to down jackets, always trying to make them more technical and warmer. The top-of-the-range models are lined with feathers or down. This light material allows for extraordinary thermal insulation along with good breathability. In addition, goose-down jackets are extremely compressible and will fit easily in your backpack. However they do have a weak point: they don't really like humidity. Yes, some of them may have a water-repellent finish but after a prolonged contact with snow or rain, the feathers will get wet and your down jacket will lose its thermal efficiency.

That's why, in the last few years, brands have been creating down jackets made of synthetic materials that stay warm even when wet. A bit heavier than the feather ones, these synthetic down jackets are more robust and therefore, more versatile.

What garment for my ski down jacket?

Long-sleeve down jacket or sleeveless down jacket, the choice is yours.
The long-sleeve down jacket will grant you the best insulation as it will cover your chest and arms. The sleeveless versions are more minimalist and act more as a complement for your ski outfit. It will bring you more warmth on the critical areas, that is to say the torso and the back, while giving you a lot of freedom of movement with the arms.

At Glisshop you will find a large selection of brand down jackets. Patagonia, Picture Organic Clothing, Helly Hansen, The North Face, Scott, Roxy, all the big names are here. So do not waste a second and get a warm and cosy attire!