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Thermal underwear

Looking for good thermal underwear?

Then you’re in the right place. Have a look through Glisshop’ selection and discover our long sleeve tee shirts or our warm leggings. With their close fit these thermal underwear act like second skins and offer comfort and heat which are often welcome on the slopes. Merinos wool or synthetic fibre, your choice. Thermal underwear is your first protection layer. You can complete it with a midlayer like fleece and a technical jacket in order to stay warm and comfy all winter.

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Buyer’s guide for thermal underwear

It is the first element, the foundation of your skier or snowboarder’s equipment. The thermal underwear is like a second skin, discrete, comfortable, it helps to keep you warm all day. Long sleeve tee shirts or leggings will protect you from the cold. Then you can complete your set with a fleece top and a jacket.

What are the important criteria for chosing the right thermal underwear?

This first layer of thermal clothing may seem useless at first look but it would be a mistake to underestimate it because it’s actually what helps you to regulate your body heat and evacuate moisture and sweat rapidly without cooling you down when you’re having a break. The fabrics used are soft and can be worn directly on the skin. They are also very breathable to help drawing moisture and sweat away. Ideally, this layer of clothing should always be dry or if wet, it should dry out quickly. In order to reach that goal, manufacturers, may they be from the Alps, from the US or from Scandinavia, often use synthetic fibres or high-end merinos wool. And if you want ultimate comfort, we recommend to go for flat and ergonomic seams that don’t create any friction.

What is the best thermal underwear: synthetic fibre or merinos wool?

There is no real answer to this question as it really depends on your riding style and your needs. Synthetic products are generally lighter than the ones made of wool. They are as breathable or more and they are a lot cheaper. On the other hand, merinos wool is softer and absorbs moisture faster to transport it out. It also stays warm even when it’s wet. Another great benefit is that this type of wool has natural antibacterial properties. This means you can use it several days in a row.

Our tip to fully enjoy your thermal underwear?

If you bought a long sleeve t-shirt or a leggings in synthetic fibre, wash it on a regular basis in order to avoid smells. Clothing in merinos wool can wait a few days before being washed. Don’t go over 30°C with the washer avoid fast spinning. Have a look at our selection of tech thermal underwear!