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Fischer Nordic Ski Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium Ifp Overview


Customer reviews
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 6 reviews

Nordic ski set Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium IFP + bindings

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Brand Fischer

Nordic ski set Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium IFP + bindings

Customer reviews
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 6 reviews on this product


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Fischer Nordic binding Fischer Race Skate Ifp

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One of the most popular skis in the world makes a comeback with innovations as a bonus! This latest model of Carbonlite now has the cold glueing process of the sole and replaces in the range the old Speedmax.

What are the characteristics of the Fischer Carbonlite Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski?

This very well known ski is constantly progressing over the years and benefits from the evolution of all the technologies of the former Speedmax. The latest update of the ski is the appearance of Cold Base Bonding, this process of cold bonding the sole respects the molecular integrity of the ski. The result? A better glide in direct trace and a less impacted sole in manufacturing which offers greater versatility of glide. The structure is unchanged, with a honeycomb core with carbon plating on the surface. Coupled with the Stiff camber, we find a ski that performs very well on compact snow with a strong character but without too much. The DNA of the Fischer brand is completely found in this ski with maximum performance without sacrificing tolerance. Very versatile question glides with its Plus sole, it is suitable for snow above -5 ° C which makes it a ski for everyday use. Very comfortable on compact snow it also defends itself very well on softer snow, especially for powerful skiers who need more dynamism and rigidity on the pushes and a higher ski to avoid the suction effect under the skate. Equipped with IFP plates compatible with Turnamic bindings, these bindings can be assembled with NNN, Prolink and Turnamic boot standards. The Carbonlite is once again able to evolve and offers a versatile and complete program with top-of-the-range finishes. Stable in skating, dynamic just what it takes, it is an excellent ski to make its weapons on long outings or popular races with a healthy behavior and good tolerance.

Beware! Fischer skis are delivered pre-waxed to protect the soles during transport. It is therefore normal that you find soles with paraffin and the ski must be scraped at home before first use.

Who is the Fischer Carbonlite Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski for?

A high-end ski just below the famous Speedmax, the Carbonlite is still a technically affordable ski. Although it is primarily intended for experienced skiers, it may also be suitable for regular skiers looking to make technical progress. In terms of value for money, the Carbonlite is particularly well placed to compete with the technical qualities it is known for.

What are the main qualities of the Fischer Carbonlite Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski?


p>Direct track stability
Dynamism very well dosed
Glides on snow at -5°C and more
Method of Cold Base Bonding

Size Chart : Fischer Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium IFP
Ski length Skier's weight
171 cm -54 Kg
176 cm -54 Kg
181 cm 55 - 64 Kg
186 cm 60 - 74 Kg
191 cm 65 - 79 Kg

Technical data Nordic Ski Carbonlite Skate Plus Medium Ifp

  • Level

    Race Expert
  • Category

  • Structure - Construction

    DTG World Cup Plus
    Hole Ski Tip
    Race Code
    IFP - Integrated Fixation Plate
    World Cup Plus Base
    Cold Base Bonding
    Precision Pairing System
    Fischer Carbon Fibre
    Air Core HM Carbon
    Finish First
  • Weight of the pair in grams

    1060 grammes en taille 186

  • Reference nr