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Nordic ski set RCR Skate Stiff IFP + bindings


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Level Sporty
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Power Edge
IFP - Integrated Fixation Plate
Finish First
Precision Pairing System
Air Core Basalite Pro
Weight of the pair in grams

1190 grammes en taille 186

Reference nr H20FISCSKI035

Now very well known, the RCR Skate Stiff is a particularly well placed model for regular skiers in the technical learning phase. It provides excellent sensations while letting the skier take his bearings.

What are the characteristics of the Fischer RCR Skate Stiff?

This version of the RCR is above all at ease on compact snow or for skiers of powerful sizes. With the Stiff camber, efficiency on hard snow is the goal. Very comfortable in skating and docile despite its camber is stiffer and longer than the Medium version. It offers a very good compromise choice because of its behavior and tolerance because it remains easy to flatten, especially if you choose the ski in relation to its weight range. Its Air Core Basalite core mixes honeycomb and basalt fibers for a very satisfactory weight/rigidity ratio. It does not deform under lateral thrust and therefore does not lose the energy deployed before the ski is released. Dynamic thanks to its basalt reinforcement which gives it good elasticity without adding hardness to the support. Perfectly targeted for technical work, it also has a top-of-the-range Fischer sole that makes the effort of the pushes fruitful through an excellent glide. Now equipped with IFP plates, it can be fitted with Turnamic bindings, compatible with NNN, Prolink and Turnamic shoe stadards.

Caution! Fischer skis are delivered pre-waxed to protect the soles during transport. It is therefore normal that you find soles with paraffin and the ski must be scraped at home before the first use.

Who is the Fischer RCR Skate Stiff cross-country ski intended for?

Skiers in search of technical benchmarks are the first to be targeted by this model while compromising at the crossroads between the racing and leisure ranges. It's a sporty ski with a tolerant character that allows you to work on technique without being pushed too much by the camber on the sliding phases. This Stiff version is suitable for compact snow or for skiers of powerful sizes.

What are the main qualities of the Fischer RCR Skate Stiff cross-country ski?


Good on compacted snow

Size Chart : Fischer RCR Skate Stiff IFP
Ski Length Skier's weight
176 cm 55 - 64 Kg
181 cm 60 - 74 Kg
186 cm 70 - 84 Kg
191 cm 75 - 90 Kg
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