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Nordic ski set Race Speed Intelligrip + bindings


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Level Sporty
Category Classic
Structure - Construction
Triaxial Carbon Construction
P200 Nano Black base
Weight of the pair in grams

2100g en taille 187


The Race Speed is the model that bridges the gap between the race-oriented and the sport ranges. It has an even more forgiving construction than the Race Pro and a top-of-the-range Madshus outsole. A very good model for a regular and sporty practice.

What are the characteristics of the Race Speed Intelligrip cross-country ski?

If we have to differentiate it from its big brother the Race Pro, it is in the structure that we find the most noticeable difference. In order to give it a slightly softer character, it has a less rigid PR 90 core with an integral Triaxial Carbon shell. The ski is a little softer on the grips on the grip phase but retains a very good dynamism at the end of thrust thanks to its carbon coating. On the other hand, it is equipped with the P200 Nano Universal sole, which until now has been used on Redline racing skis. A sole with a versatile structure that offers a very wide range of uses depending on snow conditions. The Intelligrip Mix 70% mohair and 30% nylon skin system provides great grip, especially on the most demanding profiles. Like all models in the classic Madshus range, it features the Rottefella Move plate, which is adapted to Rottefella brand bindings compatible with Prolink, NNN and Turnamic standard boots. The other advantage of this plate is the possibility of combining it with the Move Switch system as a complement. The Move Switch is a very simple system with a knurled wheel that allows to act directly on the position of the binding. To make it simple, simply turn the Move Switch to move the entire fixing block forward or backward. It is a very useful grip/glide regulator that radically changes the behavior of the ski depending on the position because it allows the skier to load or unload the skin with the weight of the skier. On the overall behavior of the ski, we can only praise the ability of the Norwegian brand to provide high-end skis, dynamic and tolerant within the reach of most people.

Who is the Madshus Race Speed Intelligrip cross-country ski intended for?

It's a good compromise for regular skiers who are not yet technical experts. It provides the necessary tolerance on the grip to not make the task more difficult while offering an exceptional glide quality. Very good for long training outings, or as a complement of activity for regular sportsmen and women.

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Race Speed Intelligrip?


Glide grip ratio
Good value for money
Made in Norway

Size Chart : Madshus Race Speed Intelligrip
Ski Length Skier's weight
187 cm 50 - 60 Kg
192 cm 60 - 70 Kg
197 cm 65 - 75 Kg
202 cm 75 - 85 Kg
207 cm 85 - 95 Kg
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